Trump VS the covid 19 Coronavirus

Is it possible that the effects of this pandemic will dominate our collective memories in 10 or 20 years while the catastrophic 4 years of the Trump presidency will be mostly forgotten?
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Herbert Hoover is still associated with the Depression.
When he is out of office and we can really dig the dirt, he’ll make Nixon look like a saint.

This combination of arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence is rare in one person, let alone a president. Whether Trump likes it or not, people in the Oval Office are taking notes and when his presidency is over the truth will finally be told. The Coronavirus debacle may be one of the highlights of his legacy, but I doubt it will be his most embarrassing or devastating.

Once you hit the presidential level, you have a place in history. But the price you pay is that you will be defined by your presidency.

Hoover, by almost all accounts, was a very talented and successful man for most of his life. But he failed as President and that’s what people remember him for.

People will still know Donald Trump’s name in two hundred years; and they’ll remember him as a failure.

No because trumps incompetence and corruption made it worse.

It’ll hopefully be the final thing he really fucked up and people will never mention trump as anything more than an attempt to recharge white supremacy after eight years of Obama.

Kind of like how we never think of George Wallace as an independent individual, just as an evil response to civil rights, trump was just a response from white Christian conservative America to having a black president.

You have no idea how much worse Trump’s successors might be, with the present electoral process being no check against it. We haven’t yet gotten to a genocidal despot, who might be loudly cheered.

But “not quite so bad as Kim Jong-Il” is not, in itself, enough to guarantee that Trump will be forgotten. He will still have been bad enough to be vividly remembered.

I agree. As I recently said in another thread, Trump has been held in check by his own incompetence.

But we’re going to have somebody who is equally amoral but competent. That person will see how a bumbling idiot like Trump was able to get away with so much and realize they could become a real dictator.

Think back to 2004. George Bush II had deceived the populace and launched a long unnecessary war against the wrong country and destabilized the whole Middle East. People were getting tired of the war and the casualties. But yet the people put him back in for another term. And it wasn’t like his opponent was a Nazi child-molester or something.

And until Trump was elected everyone was going on about how Bush would be remembered for being the worst president ever. Does anybody ever even think about him any more?

Don’t assume the voters are logical or cannot be manipulated.

Perhaps not as “vividly” as this virus if the worse case scenarios pan out IMHO.

I have a feeling that 3 things will be prominent about Trump’s presidency-

  1. impeached and curiously not convicted.
  2. General sleaze, dishonesty and ideological awfulness (consorting with alt-right, etc…)
  3. Mishandling of this pandemic. I have a feeling that in most history books, they’ll have his name right next to it, as an example of incompetent bungling, leaving his legacy forever tarnished, even if he was to find Jesus after office and go the Jimmy Carter humanitarian route.

Worst Simpsons episode ever.

Don’t blame the voters. They chose Al Gore over George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

It’s the elections, not the voters, that get manipulated.

I really hope that people don’t forget the huge list of other faults he has exhibited and just focus on mishandling this pandemic. I’d hate for him to be able to think it was just this virus that did him in, when there was so much else to despise him for.

I’m afraid that now that he’s pretending to be president people are going to forget his earlier offenses.

I think in future, the work “Trump” will be in common usage.

As in “Man, Bob really Trumped up that negotiation. They walked out in the first minute”

Or “He said he was with friends, but it was obvious that he was Trumping, and is having an affair”

Or “Be right back, gotta take a steaming Trump”

New nursery rhymes and playparty songs will evolve.
Trumpy Towers, Trumpy Towers
All fall down; all fall down.
Ooh I’m sick, ooh you’re sick too;
Have a shot; vaccine’s hot.
Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry;
Go to sleep, my little darling.
When you wake, we’ll all be dead
From COVID-19 the president gave us.
Bimp, Bamp, Bomp, Bump
Trimp, Tramp, Tromp, Trump
Assholes, assholes
All fall DOWN!
Hoover and Dubya didn’t inspire many songs. Well, Hoover’s replacement did.
Back again, back again
We’ve got Franklin D. Roosevelt back again
Since Roosevelt got elected
Moonshine liquor’s been corrected
We’ve got legal wine, whiskey, beer and gin

Hooper was an excellent person in an impossible situation.
Dubya was a mediocre person in a self-made lousy situation.
Trimp/Tramp/Tromp/Trump is a lousy person in a fatal situation.

Homeless camps were once called Hoovervilles. This POTUS will be honored with gold toilet-tissue brands.

Moved from the Quarantine Zone to the Pit.

Besides the Trump administration dismissing the anti Pandemic group as “not being needed” in 2018, even more was dismissed by the ignoramus or his henchmen. Things that now are clear that there were needed a lot.

Or never accept that there were offenses in the first place. I work in a place that contains a nest of Trumpites, and they firmly believe that the Fake News media have been misreporting the great job with regard to this crisis, as he they have with with everything else related to his Presidency. Maybe this attitude will fade with time, but I am not optimistic.

grinds teeth

Addressing the OP: one way or another, Trump’s name is indelibly and forever associated with this crisis, even if there ends up being some disagreement over whether the association is positive or negative.