Trunk, where's your evidence?


Where’s your evidence for the incredibly stupid, ignorant, bigoted, and just downright head-up-your-rear things you’ve said regarding the Smart kidnapping case?


Well, if you insist. :slight_smile:

Lost Utah Kid, etc.

Take your pick of any of Trunk’s posts on pages two and three.

Monty, I’m afraid the link you posted above didn’t work for me, and was a bit annoying for having to search (though, not all that hard, alas) for what you were pitting Trunk for having posted.

So, here’s one of the examples of the manure.
And this is another case of Trunk using some good fertilizer.
After reading those, all I can say is Wally Tango Foxtrot.

Thanks for the links. Seems like Trunk has a problem with factual confirmation. Worthy Pitting.

It worked fine for me. It linked to the pit thread titled “Lost Utah Kid Was an Idiot”.

They* are *"incredibly stupid, ignorant, bigoted, and just downright head-up-your-rear things ". But the thread is about the lost Utah kid, not Elizibeth Smart. Thus- Trunk probably shouldn’t have brought it up, nor anyone else continue with the hijacking.

But now the hijacking has ended and a proper Pit thread has been started, yes?
(But there should’ve been a link to this Pit thread in the original thread. Points off. Points off!!!)

For some reason I found that to be hilarious.

I’m not Trunk, but here’s some evidence.

And here is evidence that phi is the divine ratio.

I think you were whooshed Lib. That’s a link to Maddox’ page, it’s got its tongue pretty firmly in cheek. Either that or Dog80 was serious and thought it was some form of compelling argument.

Either thaaaaat, or you’re the one whooshing me. Maddox still kicks ass though. Choices, choices.

“The voices in my head” is not a cite.

Right. They need to be in MY head. The rest of you are all just figments of my imagination anyway.

Yeah? Well the voices in my head say you’re a Smeghead! :smiley:

“I am a solipsist, and am quite surprised that more people don’t agree with me.”

Yeh, well, I’d expect that sort of thing from a figment of my imagination.

Monty, did you put a link to this thread in the other thread, so your pittee might know that he’s being pitted? Not everybody reads the BBQ Pit regularly.

Ah-hah! I pointed that out in post 8. I win the Internet!

Yep, just did so. Thanks for the pointers, folks.

As it is, Trunk’s not the only one who’s made asinine comments in that thread, nor the only one who’s made asinine comments about the Smart case; however, he’s the one who’s most pitworthy.