Trust The CGI

Ha! Make me laugh not!

I posted a brilliant reply to a thread which I can’t remember, and what happened?

It’s not there! That’s right. It was deleted.

By the mods. A pox on them!

TVBlen: I never liked her. She is so full of herself. I hate smart women.

Coldfire: This woodfoot is in serious need of some humility. Where does he get off speaking our language like a native?
Wally said it. I concur. I hate his guts.

Arnold Winklereid? I don’t even know if I spelled it right.
I hope not… This is a guy that thinks that shooting apples off a guy’s head is cool…

I don’t like rich people. which gives you some clue of what I think of manhattan.

UncleBeer should be put to death. You know I’m right.

John Corrado? Please. He’s a nobody. I like him a lot.

Chronos: This guy has a watch, and he still asks strangers, “what time is it?”
Czarcansm: It took took me a little while to remember your name.

Good news!!! I"ve forgfottedn it again.

I have omitted Tuba and Lynn and Alpha for one reason.

I am suicidal.


I meant to say that I’m not suicidal.

Umm, no, wait, I am suicidal after all.

That’s it. Yes. I’m suicidal.

The ultimate expression of self criticism.

I am the only one that thinks that “Big Bang” is the best fuck you ever had?

Take your stupid head out of the glue bag.

If there’s a prize for most stupid post, then I may already be a winner.

My apologies.

Note to self: Stay away from the computer when you’ve been drinking.

Eh, that wasn’t bad for a drunken post. Nothing compared to some of Homer’s better binges (say, where has he been, anyway?), but not bad. Kinda funny in a ‘I really hope s/he is kidding or else s/he’s dead’ kind of way…