[Wrath of Khan Kirk Outburst]vBulletin!!![/WoKKO]

Cockgobbling Control Panel, why must you hurt me so? What. CAN…I do?

I want so much to momentarily step out of the Forum, and from hijack to hemorrhoids, get to know my new friends. I want to interleave my life with yours, oh dingledorfer@smegma.ru, but is it really you, yosemitebabe, or just fartkn*cker in disguise?

Oh, harsh reality – such an inconceivably lame rant will surely yield SPAM of Biblical proportions – “Is your P3nis letting you down?” “B1gger nüts in three days!”

So I click “Yes,” hide my email address.
Then a day later, whilst scanning for an opportunity to shoehorn my place into the madding crowd, I came across a minor hijack: “Then there’s (IMO) something not commonly seen outside of troublemakers: the hidden email address”.

So it’s reluctantly back to you, oh mung-gargling Control Panel. But – as I scroll down to hit “Submit,” it dawns on me. What if no one answers? What if I spend hours researching and crafting a witty and pointed response to “Fuckwit DJ, you ruined my wedding!”… and no one emails to thank me for my insight or to get to the bottom of the tangled prankster B? I’m reaching out to you, Beryl_Mooncalf [sup] RIP[/sup]!

Is there balm in Gilead?
I’m adrift in a nebula, doomed to float, suspended between the wormhole Troll Prime and the Shunned Expanse.

Why, Control Panel? WHYYYYYYY?!!


I think I’ve got a headache. I suspect you might have one in the morning too Mr. B. :wink:

Now what is it you are actually bitching about?


Decaffinate, man.

The control Panel…

Is no one else drunk? Is no one else burning the midnight oil reading about demand interfaces? I understand what he’s saying perfectly. He wishes he could enter a munged email address to avoid his address being harvested by some evil spam-bot.

Sympatatane, notmister, sympatatane.


Wake up call for 5:37 a.m. Snooze until 5:44.

And next time, Patrón and limes is not a reasonable substitute for Canicas. You might as well send up Knob Creek. May I remind you “O” is not the only reason I stay here.

Please tell Shelly that Laura thought the cattleya was a little inappropriate. From me, give her an extra 50. Good find, a little too much sphagnum, but nice root producer.

Thanks for the shower radio.


Ah, yes.

Perhaps next time some Irish Coffee, methinks-- Drunk yet alert.

Favored by writers, artists, and mad poets.


Well that’s the last time I try to sleep in the shower.

After a quick inventory I can tell you my new shoes are scuffed, my suit smells of smoke and Obsession, wife not present OR accounted for and I missed my fucking wake-up call. And now I see what, in fact, became of it.

Ah, good times in Vegas.


Glad you enjoyed Vegas, man. :slight_smile:

Hi yosemitebabe, just a little rant about one’s image on the SDMB. A smidgen of the ol’ legitimacy vs. personal exposure

If you emailed me from the SDMB link, how would I know it’s really you, and how do I keep people like Beryl from harassing me?

Too “out there?” I reckoned it would separate the flyshit from the pepper re: how closely my stuff is read.

Perhaps a Pitting of Vanity itself. :cool:

Am I missing something here? If you get an email you suspect is from yosemitebabe, why can’t you just see if the address of the mail matches the one in her profile? (If that’s accessible).

  • Steve, who has got SDMB-related spam mail, um, never.

How the fuck would I know? I’ve been following this thread since it was first posted and I STILL don’t have a bloody clue.

:smiley: :smiley:

Hey, thanks for the sarcasm. It’s dripped off my screen and pooled in the keyboard. I’ll have to call room service for a straw before it shorts out my laptop.

Really Steve, I’m glad you got your chance to be “a little right.” The SPAM reference was only a small part of my dilemma, as it were.

Mr. B, was your head caught in a tiger’s mouth or something?

Heck, I could send you email that professes to be from yosemitebabe, right down to the Reply-To header.

::contemplates things to write to dopers in his yosemitebabe persona::

heh heh heh…

…no, she’d track me down and smite me if I did that.

Isn’t there something about that in the terms of use?

Or am I all wet (dripping with sarcasm, I suppose.)

It was only meant to be Mild Irony and Slight Bemusement, really, honest …