Try to insult me

I will tell you why it is impossible to insult me. I accept everything about myself that is true. I am overweight. I am a slow typist. I do not understand a lot of Kant’s Critique of Pure reason (someone told me it had to read in the original German).
Because I accept what is true about myself I cannot be insulted by saying I am fat,right-handed, a New Zealander etc.
I cannot be insulted by people saying “You are stupid”, “You are ugly”, “You are left-handed”. These comments cannot insult me because they are not true.
Therefore it is impossible to insult me.

I’ll have a go.

Galaxyhorse? Solar system pony, more like.

You say you’re not ugly? You see that pork chop tied around your neck? We had to do that just to get the neighborhood dogs to play with you.

Your Mom

If I could figure out which one of those guys in the 82nd Airborne was your Dad I would get him to chime in here.

Pfft. Lunar Shetland, at best.

Thanks guys. You are proving my point. I accept that Galaxyhorse is a stupid nickname.Knew that already

GalaxyHorse, we’ve made it a habit not to allow pointless fake-flaming threads here. We also don’t allow self-Pittings, so you’re pretty much boned from a thread-staying-open standpoint.

Welcome to the boards, though. Hope you and your thick skin stick around.

For those who are wondering, Galaxyhorse is having a pretty astonishingly overblown reaction to a couple people pointing out that he is being rude in MPSIMS.

That’s great to hear Galaxyhorse. I was just making a comment in passing because of the absurdity of the statement. I mean, why say it if you don’t want people to try.


I think it’s great that you accept who you are. In fact, it’s great that you don’t try and rise above your station. After all, you may get put back in your place. I hate people like you because you offer nothing to society. You exist and leach off of others.

Part of living is to risk being insulted. Get out and take a stand and reap the consequences. How else can you grow as a person?

Don’t mind me. You just go back to existing.

You emit a foul and unpleasant odor.

And there is some cool stuff about puppies going on in there too. :smiley:

I was just making a point that when people get insulted it usually the “Truth is hard to take” kind or you insult someone about something they wish to be but are not. I do not think it is a pointless fake-flaming thread.
If everyone truly thought the way I do they could not be insulted.