Trying to access King Features comics site

There’s a few comics on the King Features website I like to read daily. In the past couple of weeks, however, I’ve been getting a “Sorry, this image is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time”.

Click on this site for today’s Bizarro comic.
Do you see the comic?

I’m using a cable modem, Zone Alarm Pro (with cookies turned on), IE 6.0. I also tried accessing it through Opera 7.0 and my old AOL 8.0 dial up.


I even tried to go to Rhymes With Orange and get the same error message. I e-mailed Hilary Price and she doesn’t seem to know what’s happening.

I e-mailed the webmaster at King Features but have not heard back.

Any clues?

They both worked fine for me…

What are you using?

Both links worked for me.

I have a regular dial-up modem and I’m using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 version.


I started playing around with Zone Alarm and had to reset the Cookie Control to “accept all cookies”.

About a week ago, ZA went beserk and I had to purge my computer and registry of it and re-install it.
Thanks anyway.

King features has issues with software firewalls, because they always want to know what site you’re accessing their image from.

Instructions for how to deal with this can be found here.