Trying to come up with a drinking game for the debates - need help

What are key phrases or physical reactions I should key on?

I mean it is a given if they drink, we have to chug. And we have to drink on the phrase “This GREAT NATION,” but what others?

-“Tax and spend”?
-Any president’s name before Clinton mentioned? I mean, if you used George W. You’d be flat on your back before the moderator runs his hand through his hair.
-the states “Alaska,” “Florida,” and “Texas?”
-the colors “Red” and “Blue?”
-the phrase “Prisoner of War” and “Community Organizer?”
-the word “lovely” when used before the words “wife, spouse” or “lobbiest?”
-you must drink from the opposite side of the glass when the word “evil” is used?

Others? too many? too few?

Heartland and heartbeat.
McCain says “my friends.”
Obama stares off into the future
McCain awkwardly twiddles his fingers

Oh, yes, yes. I am going to be so drunk so soon.

McCain mentions his time in Vietnam
Obama says “change”

Any reference to lipstick or pigs = drink everything in the house.

Everyone would die of alcohol poisoning within the first five minutes.

I was thinking the same thing about McCain and “my friends.”

What about hand gestures like the “fist/thumb point” or the “push a button onthe podium.”

If you’re including the VP debate consider drinking every time Biden says “literally” and finish your drink if he uses it to describe something that is not, in fact, literally true.

Every time McCain says he “will not blink”
Every time Obama says “more of the same”
Every time McCain brings up his time as a POW when it’s not related to the subject

The word “change” from either party should require feet of strength for the last one to put their thumb on the table or something.

“country before politics” deserves a swallow of happy juice.

One could get blasted if they drank only at the mention of Pres. Bush.

I’d rather have a pre-debate drinking game and sleep the drunk off during the debates.

You’ll still get drunk, you may or may not have a hangover, but you won’t have to hear many lies. And yes, I will **SO **respect you in the morning :smiley:

You could chug every time Obama pauses to think, and take a drink whenever he uses the phrase “Bush-McCain”. As for McCain, any mention of his experience should merit a drink, and you should chug when he chortles superciliously.

And take a shot whenever Palin says “maverick”.

Here’s a darn good list of rules, IMHO.


I’m drunk already. The debates don’t start till 3 am where I’m living, and it’s been a long day.

28 minutes in and McCain brought out Obama being the “most liberal Senator”! That’s a couple swigs.