Trying to Think of Jobs or Activities That Will Take One Away Form Civilization.

I’m working on a project and need to come up with a list of jobs or activities that will take one away from civilization for a long period of time. So far I have submarine captain, arctic scientist, bio-dome participant, space station astronaut, prison inmate and oil-rig worker. Could anyone suggest anything else?

Winter caretaker at a hotel. Although I can’t seem to find any real-life instances of this being a job. Just the Shining.

Fire tower watcher.

There are some very, remote fire towers in places like large national parks and Alaska that are sometimes manned and lived in.

Field biologist. I’ve worked for a month or more at sites that were pretty remote, and people working on long-term projects can be out there for many months on end.

What is your ball park criteria for civilization and long period of time.

Merchant sailors can be at sea for weeks on end, people working on seismic surveying vessels or seismic land crews can be out in the wilds for a fair bit of time.

Maybe not winter caretaker, but there are lodges in the mountains up here that the only way to get to is to hike in. There are people who live there year round, taking care of it as well as helping the people who hike up there.

Rich, excentric recluse.
Relgious recluse, like a nun or monk.

We once had a total recluse managing our rooming house. We had to bring him food and clothing because he would not go outside. He only had a phone to contact us.

He was the best damn manager we ever had.

Chimp watcher.

Fishermen, although they have each other.

There are some people who sail around the world by themselves.

A hermit! It’s really in the job description.

Taken from the “Worst Jobs in History” site. Basically, it was fashionable in the Georgian period (1714-1837) to have a guy live in a cave or in a specially built (and usually aesthetically rustic) building on your property, to lend a romantic air to the place.

That guy who they thought had the drug resistant TB – you could get the real thing.

AIUI, there are scientists who spend months at a time in the Austrailian Outback hunting for meteorites. Lighthouse keeper is an obsolete profession that did just what you’re looking for.

We had a night cleaner for the kitchen at a resort hotel I worked at in the mid-80s. He had as little contact with people as anyone I’ve known–just a few grudging minutes at the start of his shift. Everyone knew better than to try and start a casual conversation with him. He had been a prospector for a while.

Bear impersonator.

There’s a guy who’s attempting the first ever known northern inland traversal of Ontario by canoe. He starts as soon as the northern ice melts, and hopes to finish before the ice returns in November. He expects to cross several stretches of more than 30 days without seeing anyone else, and to pass through areas that have not been visited in centuries, since the days of the fur trade.

Maybe you could go up there.

Shut-in. Drunk is a plus.

Work winters at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire.

Field geologist in Namibia & Botswana. Live out of your 4x4, see no-one else for weeks at a time, and then it’s some shithole of a service station with a goat and no women. In the office only every 3-4 months.

This has been my dark path as of late.

As for a “job” to take you away from civilization? I would think McDonalds or maybe WalMart.