Tuba, a question

In your response to Asmodean’s question about archiving you note that vB does not benefit from that. So, can you tell me what’s happening when I periodically notice that my post count ratchets down a little bit?

I had assumed old stuff was being removed and that would include some of my old posts. But if that’s not the case, what causes that, uh, leakage?

I’m not attached to the number or anything, just curious (if anything I might become attached to post #3450 - I made it about 6 times).

Most anything in the way of maintenance could potentially affect post counts. Keep in mind it’s only a loose number anyway and can be affected by anything that might happen on the technical side. It is in no way anything but an approximation, as all sorts of things have happened, including oopses from the UBB days.

From time to time the moderators remove old redundant threads that are truly meaningless to keep around, such as test threads. If you made a posting to a test thread and we delete it, your post count would go down accordingly.

They also tend to remove double posts when they find them. Your count changes.

We also have had a rash of old posts rising from the dead. Some of them are so worthless that upon finding them we’re simply deleting them. Again, your post count might go down.

To the best of my knowledge, nothing of substance is going away.

your humble TubaDiva