Tuckerfan or Coldfire I have a question?

Don’t know if I am in the right forum or not, but here it goes. I was reading this thread about a very disturbing message board. Indeed it was disturbing. Tuckerfan suggested not to click on the link, because it could trace you back here to the SDMB. Since I know nothing about computers I want someone to explain to me how this is possible. I just don’t understand how they would know I was from this message board if I didn’t tell them. Now I am not wanting to go over there and stir up trouble by no means. I probably won’t ever visit them again. Can you blame me? I am simply asking this question to help me understand something that I don’t understand. Darn, does that make sense?

Usually, when you click on a link in your browser, it sends along a http header called REFERER which gives the page the link was on. There are useful reasons for doing this, as well as some minor abuses that can happen because of it. If you simply type the url or cut and paste it into your browser, no such header is sent.

Thanks Yabob. Now I understand. Just for the record I did paste it in the browser. I am glad I did it that way, because I had no idea. Once again thanks!