Turanga Leela vs. James Kirk

I finally saw the Star Trek episode of Futurama last night and while I loved almost every second of it, I have to call foul on the battle between Kirk and Leela - his shirt was *clearly * torn. There is no way she could have been kicking his ass like that… what’s next, she’ll whip Batman after he’s had a year to prepare?

I call foul!

That’s because it wasn’t Leela vs. Kirk.

It was Leela vs. Shatner.

As a Trekkie, there is no difference between the two to me. Kirk is real!

(Yeah, okay. I completely glossed over the fact that it was Shatner, not Kirk. Damn it.)

OK, but who would win in a blernsball contest between Kirk and Leela?

And you probably didn’t notice (Futurama is one of those shows where you pick up new jokes every time you watch an episode), but Shatner ripped his shirt apart manually while the rest of the team was preparing for battle.

Actually, I did and couldn’t stop giggling while he was doing it. That, and the spoofe on Koenig’s embitterment towards Trek were my favorite parts of the show.

Batman, if he is prepared.

No one even know the rules for Blernsball. It’s decided by the pre-game coin toss. :wink:

I love Blernsball! Ok, maybe not. I just go for the horse burgers, horse fries, and horse coke (no horse Pepsi please).

Leela would just take out a Janis thorn and jab Kirk with it. She could then finish him off at her leisure.

As for the other Leela, Leela would just cut her throat.

As a Trekkie, there is no difference between the two to me. Kirk is real!

OK, what about Leela vs TJ Hooker?

Kirk’s best move is a poorly executed tomoe nage. An effective throw when done properly; the television versions would never cut it.

Leela, on the other hand, is a expert in Octurian kung fu, who we know can can drop ten slam-dancers with a single round-house kick. Plus, her favorite technique is the disembowelling parrot.

She’d rip more than Kirk’s shirt.

Man, I love Futurama! This is probably my favorite episode. Especially because they nailed the Leela / Kirk interaction. They make love, not war!

That was Kirk during his downtime between his captaincy and admiralcy.

Which only goes to show you, of course Kirk is real. It’s Shatner that’s the fictional character! :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, that makes a lot of sense…

Leela: waving her arm frantically Get off the hood!