William Shatner vs. Jason Nesmith

Who’d win?

Even pudgy william Shatner could take this guy.

Not that Jason Nesmith, my friend.

Help us out, who is Jason Nesmith?


Trust me. Knowing the SDMB, somebody knows exactly who I mean. (Heck, they’ve referenced him often enough.)

This Jason Nesmith. Quoted somewhere on the SDMB as out William Shatner-ing William Shatner.

Does Shatner have his shirt ripped?

I’ll give 1970’s convention circuit Shatner the advantage over his spoofy doppleganger in that case. Shatner had several action roles and was in pretty good shape despite the pudge factor.
On the convention circuit I give the edge to Shatner, he actually has a good sence of humor and good comic timing in telling jokes.
For acting, I will of course give it to Nesmith, Tim Allen isn’t a good enough actor to make Nesmith as bad an actor as Shatner.


Shouldn’t it be James T. Kirk vs. Jason Nesmith??

Kirk wins of course.

The question is, who has the better hairpiece? Shatner or Allen…?

I thought the same this but then realized the Nesmith is the actor that plays a Kirk like character, not a Kirk like Character. So JThunder’s competition is actually fair.


I am not a mod, but I can’t for the life of me think of anything more mundane and pointless than these “versus” threads.

That is all.

Don’t ever visit here then. :wink:


I don’t not enjoy them, I just don’t think they belong in Cafe Society.

Thanks, God. Let us know if we can continue posting on your message board.

I’m taking Nesmith, but only because I’m hoping for a sequel.

No, then it’d be James T. Kirk vs Peter Quincy Taggart. And Kirk would win that easy.

Since it’s right there in the title there is an easy solution.

Gotta vote for Nesmith, if only he proved himself capable of doing something other than overacting beyond the limits of his ego. :wink: