Turn my brains to mush?

Can 72 consecutive hours of porn viewing turn a human brain to mush?

My friend and I were debating this earlier. She thinks that it would only take two days worth’ of viewing before you’d become a zombie. I thought the threshold was much higher though; perhaps 3-4 days.

So would this much viewing turn a reasonably competent individual into a slobbering, one-track minded mental case?
If not, then how much would it take? One week? One month?

Maybe this belongs in GD, or “Mundanes”… but I can’t think of why, and I’ve gotta imagine there is a doper out there with the answer.

Also, we are assuming that porn WILL eventually turn a mind to mush, which is debatable on its own merits, I suppose.

This seems like an easily testable hypothesis.

That’s what I was thinking. Any takers?

Oops. That should have been:

Yes… any takers?

Sorry, 'bout that. Damn me for not previewing.

Well, if you do all of your porno viewing non-stop for 72 hours, you will probably feel like your brains have turned to mush. Not necessarily from the material, but from plain old sleep deprivation. Having been there and done that (sleep deprivation, I mean, not the non-stop pornos,) I can say that it no fun at all.

Here’s a proposal for setting up the experiment:

Find a friend who will not watch porn for the same amount of time that you do watch porn. He will be the control group.

Devise or find a simple test for mental acquity (for example, count backwards from 200 by sevens, just the first few numbers in the series should do it).

A third person will need to adminster this test at set intervals, say every hour on the hour.

First one to go mad wins. You may want to fail the test twice in a row just to be sure.

If you want this to be a valid test, you would have to get a whole bunch of college freshman to be both the and control groups, using statistical valid populations. You can then use this as your Thesis and the freshmen can get extra credit in Pysch 101. In this example, you would see how many in each group had gone mad and at what point.

ShibbOleth: Yes, yes… good thinking.

We’ll see once and for all.

BTW: You mean to tell me there is no published data on this very subject???

Makes you question just how far science has taken us…

Well, I can say that I have performed a similar feat, although I did allow time for sleeping, eating, and renting more porn.

Several years ago, when I finally got my first apartment without a roommate or a live-in girlfriend, I decided I was going to take advantage of the sudden increase in privacy and “christen” the new flat with a weekend long marathon of… ahem… onanism. Yes, I was single and horny. And yes, it was a three-day weekend.

Anyway, the only unusual thing that happened was that the owner of the local video store thought I was trying to duplicate his entire adult catalog.

Oh, and there was a Salon article a couple years ago where the writer lamented about having to review so many porn tapes for some award show or something. To paraphrase, he wrote “I couldn’t understand why people on the streets weren’t stripping off their clothes and feeding from each others’ genitals.”

Quite a memorable quote. In fact, I think I used it as a Usenet sig for a while.

Your brain might not turn to mush, but your urethra might collapse like a poorly-dug prison tunnel.