Turn your favorite show into an anime

Takashi Koyaman from Cromarte High School graduates and buys an apartment. Mohawk Guy moves next door, Motion sickness guy visits daily. Excel Excel becomes the on again/ off again girlfriend. Hilarity ensues.

Blackjack is accidentally recruited and send to the Area 88 mobile army surgical hospital. Captain Justy Uecki Tylor’s ancestor, Colonel Tylor is the guy in charge. Hilarity ensues.

The trail, tribulations, romances and friendships of seven:
Giant Transforming Robots
Pilots of G. T. R.
School girls with superpowers wearing sailor suits
Or six ultra sexy girls chasing total loser

The woman from Private Physcho Lessons becomes a TV Physchologist.

Three’s Company
Jack is a struggling college student who shares an apartment with two (three? four?) scantily-clad women to cut down on expenses. However, the apartment is for girls only, so he has to dress in drag to avoid the steely glare of the landlady, Mrs. Roper. Worse, his roommates find Jack strangely attractive in an innocent sort of way, so they scheme with (and against) each other for his affections, even as he fends off their attentions to study for his next exam.

“Raw and Older!”

Wisecracking Ki-Master Reni Burisuko (and his harem of crazy girlfriends) takes down the agents of the nefarius Clime Rord Misuuta Biggu. What is the mysterious Misuuta Biggu’s secret identity? Meanwhile, how can detective-cyborg Jakku Mikoi conjure up more murder convictions with the most incompetent police force ever?

And don’t even get me started all the fanservice in “Raw and Older! Speciar Victim’s Unit”

The Smurfs
It turns out that Gargamel wanted to use the Smurfs to forge a magical weapon of unimaginable destructive power.

Long story short, there’s a lot of crying involved. Crying, and getting the flesh burned off of bones.

And you know the magical sylvan glen that the Smurfs and their woodland buddies live in? Well…you see where that’s going, right?

Go! Super Detective Adrianu Monkoo!

Super giant robot Adrianu Monkoo very good at solving crimes. He uses special rays of light to look at case crime scene. But he also having problems. If he step on building by mistake, he must rebuild it. Very detail-oriented obsessive-compulsive crime-fighting robot. Much funny and mysterious skillful. Only one who understand him is great beautiful nurse lady who help him.

Dark Shadows:
Alucard (from Hellsing) visits his ancestral home, meets his family. What deep dark secrets are they hiding? Can Alucard have a relationship with beautiful mortal Vicorru Winto?
Scooby Doo:
Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and talking cat Luna-Doo travel around the country solving mysteries.

Faruti Basiru san runs a hot springs inn with his wife Sibiru-sama, assisted by Pori-chan (who looks very cute in her maid’s outfit), and an idiotic Manuru-kun (who is from Osaka, which explains his strange accent). Of course, you can’t talk about the war when you have guests from China or America, and the series is livened up by an endless stream of high-students trying to share rooms (which Basiru-san does not approve of, of course).