Turning off Audio Description, Amazon Prime, Sony TV

In December, 2019 we bought a Sony 4K UHD LED Smart Android TV. My wife has an Amazon Prime account, and occasionally we remember we can watch ‘free’ movies. A couple of the movies have Audio Descriptions for the sight-impared; i.e., a computerised voice tells you what’s happening on the screen. We’d like to turn it off.

I found this page and followed the directions: Click Home, go to Settings, go to Accessibility, and toggle Audio Description off. Then we have to get out of Prime and find the movie again. The unwanted audio still plays. Going through the process again, we see that AD is in the Off position. We don’t seem to have Additional Services in the menu.

Does anyone know how we can turn the Audio Description off?

We had the same problem with Roku. Try going to the settings on your tv instead of Amazon and see if you can change it from there. That’s how we finally fixed it.

I clicked a lot of buttons, but couldn’t find anything. The Audio button on the remote control doesn’t seem to do anything.

Try going to the menu for your tv. You might have to look around for a while but I think that’s where it would be.