TV series with aliens as neighbors

I’ve started rewatching The Neighbors (which I don’t think I saw all the way through on the first run) and it is reminding me that there was another recentish (maybe inside of 5 years ago, definitely inside of 10) series about a family who discovers that their neighbors are aliens. It is very hard to google for, though, what with the existence of The Neighbors. It was only one or at most two seasons, I’m thinking short 10-13 episode seasons. Comedy. Last episode involved people tied up in a basement. Almost certainly live-action. Not The Neighbors. Not any of these.

For someone as old as I am I remember fondly My Favorite Martian.

I liked My Favorite Martian, ALF, and 3rd Rock from the Sun. Those are just the ones I remember right now without thinking about it.

To clairfy, I was asking if anyone remembered the name of the series I (very vaguely) described in the OP, with an extremely pertinent point being that it aired roughly between 5 and 10 years ago.

TV series with aliens as neighbors?

The Americans

Best wrong answer ever.

Was it People Of Earth? It was mostly about alien abductions, more than next door neighbours. Had Wyatt Cenac and Ana Gasteyer and Alice Wetterlund in it.

Alice Wetterlund is also in the similar Resident Alien.

Another possibility is Emergence about a little girl who is discovered to have special powers.

After a lot more googling, I found it.

I see I brought it up in a thread in 2021. (I was pretty sure it was mentioned here somewhere.)

I’m so proud!!