[[TV Show ID Thread]] Identify This Futurama Episode Please

I have made a cursory Google search to no avail. So where else would I turn to when Google fails me?

I cannot at all remember what lead up to it, but the very last few seconds of the episode have The Gang in Planet Expresship and are headed towards a blackhole and cannot escape its pull. Fry and Leela kiss as The Gang get sucked in and the blackhole explodes (or something) into that fan of blue light that each Futurama episode begins with.

It could very well be one of the Futurama “movies” as opposed to a normal episode. I have only seen The Beast With a Billion Backs and none of the others and I don’t remember seeing this episode at all before.

Also, suggest some techno/dance/trance/electronica/rave songs or artists for me. Thanks.

I predict my question will be answered in less than three posts and the following posts will be about how great Futurama is. :cool:

A flight to remember? has kissing and a black hole.

This was the final scene of the final Futurama movie, Into The Wild Green Yonder- an appropriate way to end, as the fate of the series was uncertain at that point. (Thankfully, it will come back next year on Comedy Central.)

They escape that blackhole.

The episode I saw had them being sucked into it.

EDIT: Got ninja-ed by mobo, this was in response to Attack.

EDIT 2: So if that was the ending, do I need to see the rest of the movie? :stuck_out_tongue:

I might add, Fry & Leela didn’t quite kiss in A Flight to Remember. Fry did kiss Amy instead.

I bow to your superior recollection.

I think that I would rather kiss Amy

Although, she is kind of dirty…

On second thought, I’d rather kiss Amy

Man, Futurama sure is great.


Amy > Leela, easily.

Agreed. :wink:

Fry did much more than kiss Amy in Put Your Head on My Shoulder. Which is much further than he ever got with Leela (a name that the geeks who write Firefox’s spell checker included).

Well, alternate-universe Fry was married to Leela (the coin flip went the other way) as was main-universe Fry in another episode, though that marriage got annulled. I assume Leela had sex with him at least once prior, but then time skipped and nobody remembers it.

I would rather kiss Leela because then I’d be making out with a hot alien babe. And in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since first he looked up at the stars?

MTRG, I’m asking you a question!

Sure, Amy’s rich. She’s… probably got other characteristics…

Leela is a mutant human, not an extraterrestrial. Amy, however, was born and raised on Mars. Still going with Leela?

That whoosh is not the Planet Express ship overhead. It is the sound of you not recognizing a Zapp Brannigan quote. :slight_smile:

Double-yes. Guilty.

You’ll have to forgive Spatial Rift 47. He has a very sexy learning disorder. Kif, tell them what he calls it.

::SIGH:: Sexlexia.

siiiigh Sexlexia…:rolleyes:
(I’ve got it…that smiley is Kif! It’s green, and if he’s not panicking, his reaction to Zapp is always a rolleyes…)

Edit - bah, I’d have beaten you, if I hadn’t had my epiphany about Kif the Smiley!

Fine. I guess I’ll go back to making out with that Radiator girl from the Radiator planet.