TV shows that went on a trip

As follow on to the thread TV Show with the fewest locations, what are TV shows where the characters take a trip to some other location?

The earliest I can think of is I Love Lucy where the entire cast takes a trip to Europe, and another one to Hollywood. I recall some episode where Lucy and Ethel drive to Florida also.

The Brady’s took their famous trip to Hawaii where they stole a Tiki Idol.

What else do we have?

Quite a few Simpsons episodes had them taking trips. The increase in production costs from shooting on location must have been immense!

The Office: Andy took some of the gang to Gettysburg.

Considering the longevity of the show they might have the record.

Bewitched took a trip to Salem, MA.

They brought this up a decade ago when TV Land erected a statue of Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens in downtown Salem.

Don’t forget that in the sixth season of Laverne and Shirley they defied credulity and moved the entire setting from Milwaukee to Burbank, CA. (They also shifted it three years forward in time)

Perry Mason Switzerland
Sopranos Napoli
Married with Children Florida

And Wanker County.

*Seinfeld * had a few episodes where the main characters travelled to LA (from NY).

In the “backwards” episode they went to India. Jerry went to Florida to see his parents pretty often, and sometimes some of the other cast members joined him there.

I think Modern Family went to Australia.

Both Buffy and Angel went to completely different dimensions. But the various incarnations of Star Trek hold the record, methinks. :wink:

The Brady Bunch went to Hawaii and the Grand Canyon and The Facts of Life went to Paris.

They didn’t really have a base location though. There are a variety of shows where the characters are always traveling, Rt. 66 as an early example.

The Brady Bunch also went to the Grand Canyon. I’d have to see the episode again to figure out how much was actually shot there.

Law & Order had some of the characters travelling out of New York City on several occasions. I know the detectives went to L.A. once in pursuit of a suspect. McCoy and an ADA questioned someone in Cambridge, MA, once, and I recall references to him arguing cases in Albany and maybe even the Supreme Court. How far do they have to go to count as a trip; does arresting someone in New Jersey count, or talking to an inmate at Sing Sing?

The Monkees certainly got around–they ended up in Paris, Vegas, Texas, a desert island and other spots.

I think one of the funniest episodes of Modern Family was when Mitch and Cam went to a hospital in Mexico with Gloria to pick up a baby they wanted to adopt and a live Mexican Telenovela (soap opera) plays out in the lobby of the hospital.

I think they go on trips fairly often. Jay is apparently rich and can whisk the family away places all the time.

The Gilligan’s Island gang took a 3 hour tour.

Everybody Loves Raymond went to Italy.

Didn’t the Flintstones go to Rock Vegas? Or was that just in the (non-canon) movie?

The Andy Griffith Show saw Andy and Barney head up to Raleigh in one episode, as well as the Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bee going to Hollywood for three episodes.

The Beverly Hillbillies went to England twice, as well as New York City, and going back home to Bugtussle/Hooterville a few times.

Speaking of Hooterville, Green Acres had the Douglases, Eb, Hank Kimball, and Arnold making a trip to Washington, DC for two episodes.