TV shows that went on a trip

They’d go to Baltimore to join the actors from Homicide: Life on the Street. And vice versa.

I’m not imposing any rules, but I was thinking more about times when the characters slept away from home for at least one night as opposed to day trips.

Parks and Recreation went to England.

Drew Carey took a trip to China.

Frantic City! Frantic City!

They also went to Hollyrock, where Fred got cast as The Frogmouth (until he got stage fright on camera).

The Jeffersons went to Hawaii. With their neighbors. And their maid.

Family Ties went to England.

Hogan’s Heroes went to Paris.

McHale’s Navy went to New Caledonia **and **Italy.


Well, he wasn’t just ANY Andy…

Frasier had the Crane gang going on a cruise to Alaska in one episode, trying to make it to Sun Valley, Idaho in another, as well as also Belize, and Boston (quite naturally) near the end of the series.

In addition to the LA episodes, Seinfeld also saw Jerry travel to Florida several times to deal with his parents and Jack Klompus, as well as Ithaca in one episode.

Sanford and Son went to Hawaii.

MAS*H took some trips to Japan and bugged out a time or two

It sometimes seemed like they were someplace different every week on Star Trek.

Frasier and company also went to Canada, then had to get Daphne back through customs without a passport.

Come to think of it, that wasn’t actually a location shoot.

Yup, and there were also the “Adventures In Paradise” episodes in Bora Bora with Lilith.

Sex And The City had the girls go out to LA for a couple of episodes.

A couple of times, they went to Mayberry.

Friends went to Vegas and Barbados

SNL went to New Orleans once. It was such a mess, their only other trip was to a studio location in Brooklyn.

Grace Under Fire went to Las Vegas.

Stargate: SG-1 then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Big Bang Theory has been to Las Vegas a couple of times, gotten halfway to Bakersfield, confronted a bully in Carlsbad, gone to Texas, Florida, Russia and the ISS, San Francisco, Big Sur, Napa, and Comic-Con. Virtually all of them in-studio.

They also went camping at Camp Shangra La Dee Da but I’m not sure where that was supposed to be located.

That would be pretty much every county in Florida.

God forgive me for this but Saved By the Bell went to the beach.

And London!!!

They’ve got nothing on Stargate