TV shows the inexplicably remain on the air. (or, Who watches this? Anyone?)

Remember a few years back when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was making the jump from The WB to UPN?

I remember at the time thinking, “Wow! This show must certainly be the flagship of The WB. How can they let this thing go without suffering?”

And then I was directed to an article about the programming on the network.

I was astonished to find out the most popular show wasn’t Buffy, nor Dawson’s Creek, nor Angel, nor Charmed.

Y’know what it was? Seventh Heaven. :eek:

And it’s still on! I honestly have never met a single soul that’s ever watched more than two episodes of this thing, and never even in consecutive weeks.

So how the heck does it stay on the air? Who’s watching this thing?

I feel similarly about Charmed, but I at least have met people that watch Charmed. I simply cannot remember ever meeting one person that said, “Oh, we’re big Seventh Heaven fans.”

Anyone else feel this way about other shows?

I was not familiar with 7th Heaven either until this past spring when my nephew’s girlfriend turned it on the tube and told me it was her favorite show. As I watched it with her, I thought to myself what a sappy predictable piece of crap this show is (but I think that about a lot of network programming.)

She and my nephew are in college and live in Alabama. I bet this show really appeals to teens and pre-teens that live in the Bible belt and come from conservative religious families.

Now Charmed, I know a lot people that watch and like that show. I’m pretty sure that the audience that watches Charmed isn’t the same audience that watches 7th Heaven.

7th Heaven=good moral Christian values show
Charmed=instrument of the devil with its witchcraft and super-natural stuff

Of course being the “instrument of the devil” that I am, I’d prefer Charmed anyday for sappy 7th Heaven.

Seventh Heaven and Charmed are BOTH a big :confused: for me.

Being an Amazing Race fan, I find it inexplicable that AR has to fight to remain on the air each season, while Big Brother seems to get an unquestioned pass. WTF?? I don’t know anyone who watches it.

While flipping through channels last night, I ran across Full House. Full House. It stayed on the air for a number of years and there has never, ever, EVER been a worse show. Never.

Manima was better than Full House.

Watching the TV Guide channel is better than Full House. Ron Popeil is an entertainment genius compared to Full House.

Watching mass on a Sunday morning is better than Full House.


King of the Hill. I’ve tried watching it when there was nothing else on to damage my brain with and I have never, ever found anything funny about it. The voices are all grating. The characters all seem like really bad stereotypes. It’s just painful to watch.
But I guarantee at least one person will post about how funny it is and how much they like it. There’s just no accounting for taste.

sigh again

Manimal. Not Manima.

Dude. My son watches this show religiously; it’s on when I walk in the door after work, and I always think, “You’re skipping video games for this?

What about Cops? I have NEVER met a person who watches that show. Of course if anyone I knew DID watch it, I’d drop them like a stinky hot potato.

My wife watches Charmed all the time. I will watch it occasionally, and for one simple reason.

Oh, who am I kidding? Two…simple reasons. :smiley:

I guess it’s a good thing you don’t know me :wink:

I think that’s two simple reasons, dude.

Here’s the upcoming Fall schedule. A few revelations:

American Dreams is entering its 3rd season. I feel like I know everything that’s happened to Meg and her freakin’ family because NBC trumpets the show relentlessly in its promos, but I don’t know a single person who’s ever seen an episode.

Girlfriends on UPN is entering its 5th season! I first heard of this show maybe a month ago.

According to Jim is entering its 4th season. I don’t watch any of the ABC family show line-up (Wayans, Lopez, etc.) but I can understand why people might watch those shows. But this one? Uh-uh.

America’s Funniest Home Videos. Good God, I thought this was a dinosaur from the 1990s. They’re still making this?!?! Yeesh.

Before American Dreams, NBC seemed to constantly harrass me to watch Third Watch. Entering its 6th season, I never have and still don’t know anyone who’ll admit to it either.

It’s hilarious for me living in Texas because, like you, I always thought the characters were really bad stereotypes and the show itself was another stupid bad stereotype.

Since moving here I have discovered that it is as good as nonfiction.

It’s really funny to watch the show and realize you pretty much know six people exactly like this guy, or that you met that guy at work the other day, or that this happened to somebody.

This is the only one you mentioned that I somewhat get. It’s familiar, cheap to produce, and pulls in the geriatric crowd as effectively as Matlock.

I remain convinced that Tom Bergeron is the least funny person to ever walk this Earth. He may well be the most disastrous choice for celebrity ever picked by a major network. He makes Bob Saget’s tired old schtick look fresh in comparison.

I’ll never wish death on anyone, but I sincerely pray something happens to Tom Bergeron to ensure he’ll never appear on my television again. Maybe crippling laryngitis, or at worst a crane accident.

Seventh Heaven watcher here. Not consistent, but enough to keep up with what is going on. I initially started watching because it seemed relatively wholesome and I like the religious theming. After about 3 episodes my reasons for watching ended up changing from the above to watching it to mock the poor storylines, ridiculously written characters, and contrived situations.

Really, at this point, I can’t imagine a show more easily designed to bring out the then MST3Ker in all of us. It’s just good fun to watch and crack on the show. I bet a fair portion of the ratings come from people just like me.

I’ll cheerfully admit to watching Third Watch. My husband is a volunteer firefighter, so that and the new F/X show Rescue Me are popular with us. We’ve watched it faithfully since it started, and like catching the repeats on A&E during the day, too.

I’d agree with this, too. BB is promoted constantly, while AR is like the bastard child that has to be kept in the dark, lest anyone find out about it.
I missed the first two seasons of AR, stumbled across it in the middle of the third installment and am kicking myself for not finding it sooner. Maybe CBS didn’t promote it enough? I don’t ever remember hearing about it during the first two seasons. I LOVE The Amazing Race!

The only good thing about AFV is that it gives some of the old MST3K crew work.

I have some answers for some of y’all:

7th Heaven: I actually watched a season of this. What can I say - it’s addicting (and Jessica Biel is incredibly hot).

King of the Hill: Tiramisu, I’m completely with you. But, on the few occassions I’ve watched it, there have been some funny scenes. But I simply cannot get into this show at all.

American Dreams: I watched this last season because it was on before Alias. I think it’s cursed with a crappy time slot, and now it’s cursed with a 4th season and no audience (has anyone ever been able to jump into a show in the 4th season and not be completely confused?). All in all, I think it’s a fantastic show. (And all the chicks in it are incredibly hot.)

As for my contribution, the ultimate answer is, has been, and always will be: Becker. Did anyone watch Becker? Did anyone *like * Becker? I sure haven’t met them.

Seventh Heaven, like many television shows that have been on forever, was excellent in its early and middle years, and momentum has sustained it. Now that most of the children have grown up and they’ve done every storyline they can possibly do, it’s become a soap opera.

However, what’s most remarkable is that it has always been, and continues to be, the WB’s highest rated show, despite the advertising spent on the show being almost zilch (especially compared to Buffy in its heyday, or Dawson’s Creek). While I have watched it off and on, mostly in syndication, my two co-workers will not miss an episode.

Poonther, ha!

Seventh Heaven has condoned, among other things:

Sex before marriage
Somewhat Radical Feminism
Xena: Warrior Princess (multiple times)
6 year old girls playing football

My own list of :confused: shows was going to include Beastmaster and Mutant X, but apparently they’ve been cancelled. But geez, they ran for four friggin years! Meanwhile, Firefly and Crusade made it to 13 episodes each. :frowning: