Two Song Titles (1980s)

OK, any music buffs from the 1980s era? What is the title and artist for these:

a) “Tonight I feel your sweet caress, hold me in the darkness…” (sounds like DeBarge, or the like.)

b) “He tried pretending a dance was just a dance, but I see,
He’s dancing his way back to me. (Chorus) Let the music play, you won’t get away, just let the music play…”

I may have a word or two wrong, but I trust someone can pick up the tune with these lyrics. Thanks to all who try!

  • Jinx

b. Shannon - Let the music play; a fairly influencial record if I recall correctly.

I know the song in A, it isn’t DeBarge. I think it is one of the many wimpy BritPop combos.

a) “Hands to Heaven,” by Breathe

b) “Let the Music Play,” by Shannon

as garnered through Altavista. Your mileage may vary.