Was This a Squeeze Song? Please ID...

There’s a song from 1987-1988 which people tell me was by Squeeze, but I do not know the title. Maybe someone can help me identify the title and correct artist? The lyrics are sketchy, but here goes…

Sung to a fast tempo, the lyrics said something like:
…throw it overboard, see if it can swim, back up on the shore, back to the house, all the lights are out and the blinds are down…

I believe these lyrics comprise the chorus for the song. Does this sound somewhat familiar to anyone listening to rock or pop radio in 1987-1988? The lyrics are so odd, my first guess would have been the “Talking Heads”, but I don’t believe it is them.

Any thoughts, WAGs, etc.?

  • Jinx

Squeeze - Hourglass. I remember buying the 45 when I was 9.


Yes, this is Squeeze. The song is * Hourglass* from the album “Babylon and On.”

Clink here for lyrics–if you dare to face all the pop-ups!