Two Trivial TV Questions

Two minor questions about TV shows.

On Mystery Science Theater 3000 I saw an episode in one of the latter seasons where Crow was conducting an archeological expidition on the spaceship and found evidence of a lost civilization. Mike and Tom reminded Crow that he had lived on the ship for five hundred years and had found evidence of his own self. But my understanding was that the Satellite of Love had been launched by the mad scientists and Joel built Crow and the other robots. Was there an episode that changed this origin? And don’t bother telling me “it’s just a show, I should really just relax.”

On The Simpsons there was a flashback episode hosted by Troy McClure. He was asking trivia questions and one was about two characters on the show who had died; Bleeding Gums Murphy and Dr Marvin Monroe. I remember the episode where Bleeding Gums died, but what was the episode where Marvin Monroe died?

OK about MST3K: In the last Comedy Central episode, Dr. F lost his funding and set the SOL adrift. To make a long plot line somewhat shorter, Mike and the Bots wound up at the End of the Universe, were transformed into Beings of Pure Energy and escaped from the ship to explore the universe. This would have been a nice series-ending plot.

When Sci-Fi picked up the series, they had to pick up the backstory where it left off. As pure energy, Mike et al tooled around the universe for several hundred years as pure energy. Actually, crow returned to the ship early and “redecorated”. So he was waiting there for several hundred years before Mike and the rest were drawn back into the SOL and returned to their corporeal forms for some unknown reason. Crow had changed a bit in those centuries: not just a new voice but he didn’t recognize Mike and forgot about even watching movies for seven years. He suddenly remembered everything after that archaeoloical dig turned up artifacts that jogged his memory. whew

As for the Simpsons, let me check my Complete Guide to the Simpsons and get back to ya…
A total loser,

OK my book has nothing of the Doc. But the FAQ ( ) says:

Ep 2F20 was “Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part 2)”

I also have heard that Harry Shearer, the voice of Dr. Marvin Monroe, hated doing the voice. I think it hurt his throat to do it for an extended period of time.

Thank you. My sleepless nights are at an end.

No problem, there’s no such thing as a trivial TV question in my opinion. As Homer Simpson says, “TV is a boy’s best friend. It gives so much and expects so little.”