Unanswered Questions from TV

[ul][li]Did the police ever figure out that it was Jack McGee that caused the explosion at Dr. Banner’s lab that killed Dr. Elaina Marks?[/li][li]Did the state ever apologize to Dr. Richard Kimble for wrongly convicting him and having Gerard chase him for years? (“Wow! There really was a one-armed man!”)[/li][li]Since “Star Trek” only lasted 3 years, and they were on a 5-year mission, were the last two just too boring to make episodes about?[/li][li]Why didn’t Pete ever let Jim drive in “Adam-12”?[/li][li]How were PA announcements made at the 4077[sup]th[/sup] MASH unit when the primary characters were in Radar’s office and nobody was using the equipment?[/li][li]How did Nordberg go from being a white guy to a black guy? (Peter Lupus - OJ Simpson)[/li][li]Was Ralph Cramden ever issued a restraining order for threatening to hit his wife Alice?[/li][li]Did Carol Burnett ever have that itchy ear problem looked at?[/li][/ul]

Do you have any unanswered questions?

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[li]Since “Star Trek” only lasted 3 years, and they were on a 5-year mission, were the last two just too boring to make episodes about?[/li][/QUOTE]

Aviation is considered to be hours of boredom punctuated by seconds of terror. Space travel in the 23rd century seems to have a somewhat better ratio.

[li]How did Nordberg go from being a white guy to a black guy? (Peter Lupus - OJ Simpson)[/li][/QUOTE]

Same way Felix Leiter went from Jack Lord, to some other guy and eventually to a black guy in Never Say Never Again

[li]Was Ralph Cramden ever issued a restraining order for threatening to hit his wife Alice?[/li][/QUOTE]

See multiple GQ threads/SD column on “rule of thumb.”

[li]Did Carol Burnett ever have that itchy ear problem looked at?[/li][/QUOTE]

Secret signal to her mother who she inheritd the condition from.

  • Is Richie Cunningham’s brother Chuck still playing basketball somewhere?

  • Why did the Howells and Ginger Grant bring so many clothes with them on a 3 hour tour?

  • Who really IS the boss??

Once at roll call, the Sarge had everyone check their driver’s lic. Guess who had let their’s lapse?MTS

Star Trek loaned those years to the TV bank, who eventually gave them to MASH so the series could run 10 years longer than the war.

Didn’t Chuck Cunningham die in Viet Nam?

You’d think Pete and Jim woulda gave up police work. After answering every serious call in the book, and getting kidnapped 15 times, and getting into legal trouble every other episode…they musta been thinking they had picked the wrong profession.

Also, in Dragnet, how do Joe Friday and that other guy always manage to transfer detective divisions? I bet the brass were getting tired of their transfer request antics.


What happened with the bomd Diana planted on the ship to kill Elizabeth and the leader of the Visitors??

And isn’t it interesting that Station 51 on Emergency! traveled throughout Los Angeles County–urban; suburban; mountains; oceanside (boats off Catalina; downed helicopter; fallen hikers off Fort MacArthur in San Pedro)? I’ve lived in L. A. County for 50 years and I find it difficult to imagine that the fire department would have 50 other stations (or 115 others?) and yet send Station 51 all over the place… :wink:

How many times would Marshall Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke) have to shoot that guy on the street of Dodge City before he finally killed him? Gosh, Doc Adams must have become rich enough to retire…:wink: :smiley:

Who really is the master of his domain?

Why didn’t Ponch and John, from C.H.I.P.S., when in persuit, ever radio in back-up? Or at least radio and tell dispatch where the Hell their headed to?

On that same show, why was everyone driving down the freeway doing about twenty miles an hour?

And why was it whenever a beater car was driving down the road, you just knew it was going to end up in a crash? And when it did crash, it launched about thirty feet into the air and flew down the highway, usually overtaking cars underneath it?


What the hell happened to the youngest daughter on “Family Matters”? (Come on, you know you’ve watched it)

Family Matters?! What do you mean?! Nobody watched that show! [sub]pssssttt. I heard she took to much attention away from story lines, and they had no real use for her. Don’t tell anybody you heard that from me. [/sub]

pepperlandgirl wrote:

From the original epsiode, “The Contest”, it would seem that George won. Kramer was the first to crack, then Elaine, then Jerry.

However, in the last episode of the series, George confesses to having cheated, making Jerry the winner.

Yes, I have no life whatsoever…

What hormones did they feed to the new kid (Brian Bonsall) on Family Ties that made him grow so fast?

And further why do I remember the actors name but not the phone number for my work voice mail?

How do Bart, Lisa, and Maggie (well, Maggie is too young to care!) know where their heads end and their hair begins?
And why is Ned Flanders the only “nice” person on The Simpsons (with the possible exception of Marge!)?
Since Martin Crane has to use a cane, why did he consent to move into Frasier’s high-rise apartment (especially since he has to walk Eddie!)?
Whay haven’t there been any Canadian contestants on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Yes, I saw the celebrity competition last week.)

The same way you do, I guess.

Because, Ned is the perfect one. Does Ned have a single fault? There has to be a perfect character to annoy Homer.

Well, it’s not like he has to climb 15 flights of stairs. There is an elevator, so I imagine it’s not that difficult for him.

We’re not allowed to play. That’s why we had that special Canadian Edition with Pamela Wallin a few months ago. It does appear that if you are celebrity and Canadian, they do break their no-Canadians allowed rule.


Actually I believe it was a signal to her grandmother who essentially raised her as a child, no condition involved.