i downloaded a version of u2-where the streets have no name (live in dublin) and at the beginning of the song…bono said some stuff…not sure if it was poetry or if he was just making it up…but it goes something like this…
this voice to me was like a scream
(i dont kno this line)(???)
the whole body of the mind/man(???) it seemed
like one whom i had met …in a dream
some beggar dreamt of other roads
some beggar dreamt of other lives
of another home
of another home
where the streets …have no name
take me…
take me!!

if anyone knows what he is saying in the spots i have (???) please email me back at ICEMAN4714@AOL.COM…id really appreciate it…thanks

Your best bet is to pop on over to http://www.u2dublin.com/ and ask the pros over there. You might even be able to search their archives for it they seem to have quite a collection of U2 addicts over there.