ufos over haiti? What are we seeing here?

Here is a link to a youtube video that someone just e-mailed me.


I am assuming this video is fake, but what could I point to in the video to support my assumption?

Is it possible that these are remotely controlled man-made objects that are actually flying in the air, as depicted in the video?

It’s just swamp gas. Or ball lightning.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Similar videos are being called viral ads for Halo 3

I thought at first it was gas lightning.

More likely they are very good CGI renderings.

Obviously it is real. The invasion has begun.

It’s fake.

You can tell 'cause there isn’t anything like that.

So how do you get these CGI images over a live-action video? Do you have to stop the video at every frame and paste a new picture in it? That seems like it would take too much time.
Or do you animate the image on a white background, and then somehow “merge” the two videos together, with one being the top layer?

One of the youtube comments says that the trees are identical- I think they look similar, but not identical.

Special effects.

It was me and a friend. Sorry. Didn’t mean to cause a commotion. I mean, we were trying to keep our speeds down. Give us that.

Yep. Definitely a Halo ad.

The focus change at the end is a nice touch, the UFO and the trees move in and out of focus in sync.

Yes, the trees are all far too similar. Pause it around 12 seconds or so and take a look.

It’s fake, but a bloody good one.

There is a very slight similarity to the ‘chad’ UFOs we’ve discussed recently, but only slight.

It’s obviously the planet Venus. Don’t you people know anything about astronomy? Sheesh!

I, for one, …
Nah, I can’t do it.

You probably thought you saw something other than Venus. But I assure you, it was Venus.

We have videographic proof of extra-terrestrial technology and you’re looking at the trees!?!?!?!

I think it’s a viral ad for the upcoming J.J. Abrams movie, widely known as “Cloverfield”.

This clip, supposedly shot in the Dominican Republic by a different person on the same day (and from the looks of it, at roughly the same time) seems to show two different objects behind exactly the same trees; the second one appears to be the same (probably) CGI model as in the clip linked by the OP.

I’ll admit to a bit of curiosity about the sudden flurry of relatively well-exposed close-up images of ‘UFOs’ that have hit the 'Net in recent weeks, but I’m pretty sure this indeed is either one small group of people cranking out some homemade digital FX or, as others have noted, a fairly elaborate viral marketing campaign. Either way, I don’t really care all that much about who’s doing the advertising, or why.

Personally, I would give no more credence to any ‘UFO’ footage posted to YouTube than I would a typical e-mail chain letter. There’s no context, no precise indication of location, no way of verifying the identity of the person who posted, and the footage is so highly compressed that it is pretty much useless for further analysis. If somebody willing to identify themselves sends original footage to a reputable person with expertise in analyzing film or video, and if that person says there’s something interesting there, then maybe I’ll pay attention. This stuff is utterly worthless as evidence of anything, however.

Maybe he was straddling the border between Haiti and Costa Rica and which country the cameraman was in depended on how hard he was leaning on each foot.