UGGGHHH...what the HELL does this dream mean?!

We all have our recurring dreams, and psychologically, they’re supposed to be the most significant. Some here have shared about dreaming of tornados–I’ve had that dream, frequently, and have always attributed it to my life feeling like it’s spinning out of control.

Now this one is driving me crazy. I’ve had various versions of this dream repeatedly over the last ten years, at least, and I have no idea what the hell it means. Anyone care to play junior psychoanalyst?

I’m shopping, presumably in a toy store. I come across a gold mine of Breyer horses, the models I collected as a child (I had over 200 at one point). There is an enormous selection, and very typically they ar borderline dirt cheap–one model was $3 in my dream last night–and I begin to gleefully pick and choose through the bargains. I’m always majorly excited, and then seriously bummed when I wake up. This has become such a common dream that oftentimes I am aware I’m more than likely dreaming.

What thehell, folks?!

Background: I’m getting married in 3 1/2 weeks–this is why you won’t see me around much here, and haven’t seen me much lately. I’m stressed, nearly to the max, and all of my dreams in the last week have been weird, and even disturbing, in the last week.

After trying your hand at my dream, is there anyone else with an annoying recurring dream that’s driving you batty that you’d like us to take a crack at?

You’re breaking down, man, as shown in your repetition. :smiley:
Other than that, hey, maybe you just really liked those toys, and you miss them. Or maybe you like bargains. I dunno. I suck at interpreting dreams.
Man, I feel so USEFUL some days!

There are some folks like my mother who subscribe to old wives’ tales: dream about losing teeth and it means that you are afraid of losing someone (because of a connected old wives’ tale that you lose a tooth for every baby you have).

There are others that suppose that dreams are just the random firings from the top of your brain stem - the neurological end-result of an earlier waking stimulus no more significant that the flatulent result of an earlier meal.

As more me, I want back in them dreams! The Aborigines are right - that’s the real world. This everyday existance blows off like chaff, but the dream experience is where the bread of life is baked.

Ruffian, I have no idea what your dream means - only you can do an interpretation that is just and meet. However, bear in mind that Freud thought that money is psychically intertwined with the infant’s fascination with his own feces. You dream of both monetary value and childhood idealizations. According to Freud, the next step is to the genital phase - and there the marriage bed becons to you…

I don’t mean to insult you in any way. I’m no hero in this regard. I once dreamt that I died by drowning in shit! I awoke in the purest state of astonishment - to have actually died in my dream! But then I felt a coursing of triumph, because I’d lived after all. And so shall you! And so shall you.

Well, I’ve no experience in Freudian-style dream analysis, but if I’d had that dream (not horses, but something else I was really into as a child–Matchbox cars, say), I’d reckon I was feeling nostalgic about the past. Since you’re getting married soon, one can further extrapolate some trepidation about getting married and (in some sense) leaving the past behind. Perfectly normal, of course; it’s a big step, and I had my share of moments like that before my wedding. To me, it’s not the horses themselves that are significant, but the fact that it’s something that strongly evokes your childhood and the past. Just my $.02.

And I believe that the things we do in life resonate strongly in our dreams; the brain is a mightily complex organ, and stores a lot of stuff. What the purpose of dreams is, I wouldn’t presume to postulate.

I think LindyHopper is right. I often dream about the house I grew up in. I loved that house and the neighborhood it was in. I miss it horribly. So I love dreaming about it. Personally, I think childhood is a stage of life which most people experience only once or twice… a time when “home” is a world of its own, not just an apartment, or house. I can only imagine that once you get happily married, buy a house and start having kids, that you get that feeling again. So, I think you miss your childhood, and the money represents the adult world, the relative cheapness represents the fact that you’ll never have to buy your own memories. A little like the phantom basketball episode of MASH, where Hawkeye is having bizarre dreams.
[sub]I started my reply with no intention of making sense, and I see I’ve succeeded.[/sub]

I have to agree with flyboy88 and LindyHopper. I think you are yearning for a return to the simpler days of childhood, when your biggest concern was the Breyer horses. You want to feel that kind of innocent joy again - pure joy that you just don’t feel as an adult. As the pressures of adulthood start pressing in on you, you’re realizing that those days are gone forever.

I need a drink.

Yeah, I agree. Think about what you are going through. You said you were stressed to the max chances are you are probably a little nervous about the whole situation (not that you would have second thoughts, just that it’s a major decision). I think you just want to go to a time when you weren’t so stressed.

Dream interpretation – one of my specialties.

Let’s see now.
Dreaming about shopping?
That’s easy. It clearly refers to sex.
Shopping in a toy store?
Kinky sex.
Dreaming about horses…
Um, are there children watching? Most definitely SEX!
Take a look at your descriptions. The selection? It was “enormous!” You weren’t happy, you were “majorly excited.”

In technical terms, basically you are a major perv, and I hope your intended knows what a twisted individual he is getting hooked up with.

Hope this was of assistance.

Oh yeah, tornados mean sex too.