Uh...Boobie Cheese? (Probably TMI)

I have 38D breasts. I find that sweat tends to sit underneath them and soaks into the bottom edge of my bra. When the sweat sits there all day long it tends to kinda start to smell . I’ve dubbed this phenomenon “boobie cheese”, and it’s exactly as appealing as it sounds. Every time I bend over I catch a whiff of the smelly sweat and I’m so sick of it. I hope to god nobody else can smell it. Do any other ladies here have this problem? Please tell me I’m not a disgusting freak case. I want to know if there’s any way I can prevent it, aside from hitching up my shirt and flapping my boobs around every half hour to dry out any sweat, which could likely result in job loss or arrest. :eek:

How about a little powder? Maybe some Gold Bond powder. It would absorb some of the damp, keep the odor down.

Okay. You’re not a disgusting freak case.

No, really. People sweat, and sweat causes BO. You’re normal.

As long as you bathe every day, it’s not going to be a problem.

And I actually like the odor of my wife’s fresh boobie sweat. There’s pheromones in them thar hills! :smiley:

Well, if you did that in the right place, it could result in supplemental income! :wink:

Have you tried applying some roll-on deodorant to the area? I suggest Mitchum Unscented.

Uh…deodorant? (response by proxy by Mrs. Montoya, 36A )

You could try tucking thin strips of terrycloth into the bottom of your bra, and changing them throughout the day. I think that powder is also a good idea, as mentioned earlier. Antiperspirant (not just deodorant, IMHO) would be worth a try, although personally I’d kind of hate getting antiperspirant residue all over the underside of my bra all the time.

Be sure to wear a freshly laundered brassiere each day, assuming you don’t already do so. Also, have you tried using tea tree oil? If I recall correctly, it’s slows the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin. If you decide to purchase some, be sure it’s 100% tea tree oil.

40DD here…

Baby powder with cornstarch is your friend. Trust me on this one.

40DD here, too.

I had the same problem; powder made a mess, cloths were a pain (how do you dispose of the smelly strips?).

My solution? Buying bras that actually lifted my breasts off of my ribcage. If the undersides of my breast don’t make skin contact with my ribcage, the sweating is greatly (I mean greatly) reduced, and the problem has vanished.

I get this. (42DD). I don’t know how to stop it, though.

I also get nasty fungal infections. Tinactin is a staple in my house.

I’ve not found a bra anywhere in my searches that lifts my breasts off of my chest. They’re simply too heavy.

Would it work to carry some rubbing alcohol with you, and swab with it occasionally? Rubbing alcohol will remove the sweat and kills the bacteria that cause the smell, and will keep the odor away for a couple of hours, at least.

Oh, please. If I had a dime for every time some woman claimed to have big boobs… :dubious:

At least provide a link to some photographic evidence! :smiley:

When I read the thread title, I thought it would be about collecting your expressed breast milk and making cheese with it. Literal cheese. <sigh> Sometimes it seems words never mean any more what they used to mean.

As a male I would suggest that you give the “hitching up my shirt and flapping my boobs around” technique a shot.


I was thinking “tit smegma???”

Actually, I’d say you’re not wearing the right size bra. I had that problem before I bit the bullet and moved up to a DDD. Now, it’s no longer an issue.

It’s hard to find bras that size that don’t cost an arm and a boob, but if you have Dillards in your area, they have basically a “store-brand” line of lingerie that’s relatively inexpensive. I can’t remember the name at the moment, but they’ve got this one bra that I just love. It lifts and separates without making bullet-boob (well, maybe a little bullet-boob the first couple wearings), it’s got padded straps that are ergonomically curved to fit the shoulder better, and it’s not industrial/orthopedic-looking like a lot of bras in that size range. And it’s $20, instead of $50. Actually, in your band size, you could probably find something to work well at Lane Bryant. I love their Cacique line, but the one here pretty much never has any DDD bras with a band size under 40. Actually, it’s like pulling teeth to find anything there with a band size under 40. Damn shame, that; they’ve got some awfully pretty stuff.

Also, I think the adjustable armstraps are entirely too neglected when it comes to bra fitting - tightening those up can make a huge difference in how the bra supports you. I cinch mine to be short as possible, which I usually have to do after every washing.

Having never smelled nasty boob sweat, it’s not as bad as nasty ball sweat is it? :eek: Obviously that can get pretty rank.

Ah, the SDMB. Never fails to illuminate, educate, edify, and entertain. I’m sure we’re all the better for having read through this thread. I know I am. I’m also amazed at the self-restraint exercized by my fellow dopers. There are almost no smart-ass posts. What’s next? Dogs and cats playing together? mass hysteria? I hope this thread goes on forever! xo C.

Oh, my bra is the right size. It works fine for the first three hours or so of wearing after a wash. Then it just loses it’s structural stability. I need a breast reduction. Then I wouldn’t have so many back problems and so much shoulder tension.

Also, my breasts often change size (up to a full cup size) through the course of the day so a bra that fit terribly in the morning is comfy by the afternoon and vice versa.

Ok - I now need more education. How common is it that women’s breasts change size noticeably during the day? Why is this?