Uh, they guarantee it. Men's Warehouse fires the founder.

Weird. The dude is not only the founder, but also the image of the company.

The strange thing is that they’ve been doing really well, not usually the time a company dumps their #1.

Word is that he’s always been a pretty big pothead, so maybe that has something to do with it. When he started the company, he would go through the pockets of the returned rental tuxes after prom looking for forgotten joints and whatnot. He’s a pretty big pot legalization proponent as well. All of which I think make him a pretty cool dude.

I don’t know anything about the way that company is run, but I do think that man is an effective promoter of what the company sells. I bet they do worse without him.

It’s Wearhouse.

Maybe it’s because he shot that Martin kid.

I dunno. He went from insane screamer to luded-out visionary. Both creeped me out.

I always hated him, but reading this made me like him. But I just read that he got Deepak Chopra hired onto their board of directors, so I think I hate him again.

I went there one time years ago. Their prices were INSANE! And not the good way.

Expensive as hell. There are places here in town where I can get the same thing for 1/4 of his prices.

That’s when I stopped even listening to his ramblings.

Seriously? Those suits are about as cheap as you can get. Where are you finding suits for 75 bucks?

True, but if Apple can fire Steve Jobs…

Does this mean that I’m no longer going to like the way I look?

I actually had to listen to him today. On a CD. Not by choice. Seriously. Weep for me.

Though I suppose my shackra? is now better aligned now or something…

23% profit increase in the first quarter and he got fired?
Wow. Tough room.

They just didn’t like the way he looked.

You might, or might not. You’re completely on your own!

Funeral home. Prices are good but selection is limited.

This went right over my head, so I was going to google it and see what happened…

at which point the other shoe dropped :smack:

I worked for a company once where the founder and largest shareholder (but not majority shareholder obviously) was fired as CEO. The company was performing very well, but the CEO and the second largest shareholder had major disagreements in the Boardroom. Eventually the 2nd largest shareholder convinced the rest of the Board to fire the CEO. The founder stayed on the Board and an external CEO was hired.

I see what you did there.

It’s the weirdest thing… he screams like a little girl.

Yeah, but I never liked the breezes in back.