UK current salaries...

I know people are reluctant to discuss money on this forum (even if we do discuss everything else)… but

We (read I) just had our salary increases thrown at us this year, with no interview, discussion or comeback. Just a number, a percentage.
Which, was to be frank, pitiful, IMHO. Every other year has had a short interview to discuss / argue the case for rises.

So, what is a decent rise in the UK market this year?
I’m an architect, which is woefully paid to begin with, in comparison to other professions. And Northern Ireland is not exactly London.

Any other UK based architects about?
What would you reckon the annual salary would be for someone with 3 years Part III experience, in your area?
What about someone with 3 years Part II / pre Part III experience?

Thanks for any replies…

I am not an architect, but rises are low everywhere at the moment.

I work in consulting, and my expected rise this year is likely to be a quarter of last year’s (if that). A friend of mine works in HR for a telecoms company and reports that rises are down everywhere.

According to the Hays Montrose/Building magazine salary guide this April, architects with six years’s experience get £33k in London, about £4k less elsewhere. Newly qualified architects get another £4k less on the whole. Not sure about an average rise…hope this is a bit useful, however. There might be more info on

Seems strange to me, when the market is so buoyant. (Isn’t it?)

And with the cost of houses going through the roof (no pun intended)… Who can afford them???

The gap between salaries and the cost of living is growing every day. But, hey, I’m not bitter. (much)

Thanks Bifar.

£33k - £8k (not in London) = £25k
Still not even close. I may have to move to London to afford my house in NI. Mmmmm…

Aro it kind of is buoyant but for some reason architects’ salaries have slowed down, particularly for trainees. Apparently architectural technologists on the other hand are enjoying a boom.

The husband of a friend of mine here is an architect. They specifically moved out of the UK because the salaries - even for senior architects - were so crap.

Ask your friend’s husband if he has any jobs going in Dubai…
I could do with some time in the sun! :wink: