UK Dopers: Tell me about Hex

A couple of weeks ago I read something about this show on the wikkipedia, and was sort of bummed that it was a British show so I’d never see it. Or so I thought. Apparently it’s premiering on BBC-A on June 8th, so I will get to see it after all :slight_smile:

Any fans?

Hex is a blatant BuffytVS wannabe. However, it lacks the calibre of characters, actors, writers and directors that made Buffy what it was.

There doesn’t seem to have been any thought put into the overall story arc, instead it is a case of picking standard cliches (prophecy, demon-baby, fallen angels, witchy ancestors, pact with the devil, ghosts etc) and shoe horning them into the script along with some gratuitous teen lesbianism (or atleast the male fantasy, complete with lingerie-clad bedroom shenanigans) and a nude shower scene (the same scene was used in two different episodes) which were apparently filmed without the full consent of the actress, she was told they were filming from the shoulders up and only found out the truth when she sat down with her parents to watch the episode.

The second season saw the lead actress leave (who’d blame her after the nude scene issue), and any attempt at making sense left with her. Her replacement not only cannot act (possibly the fault of the script) but her character is blatantly a Buffyclone. I stopped watching after about 4 episodes of season 2.

The supporting characters and cast are really no better. It’s set in some sort of bizarre private mixed-sex sixth-form-only boarding school, where apparently there are a) no uniforms b) no rules c) no adult supervision afterhours. The students are a bunch of unlikeable spoilt-brats played by actors who seem to have been cast purely on their headshots. The headmaster is played by Colin Salmon, and comes across as a creepy old man (not in the horror sense, but in the sleep with me for grades sense).

Hex is a Sky Television production, which imo never bodes well. Sky seem to spend money on everything except the script. I’ve yet to see a Sky production that was actually any good (Battlestar Galactica doesn’t count and they only co-produced the first season).

Well, I was going to chime in here, but Szlater seems to have covered it. We’re about 5 episodes into the second (final) season and wishing that we hadn’t started it. The pace is excruciatingly slow and it is rife with long scenes without dialog…or anything else. I suppose it is done to create tension, which I must say it does…GET ON WITH IT!

Things seem to happen suddenly without expecting it, but not in a good way. Many WTF moments. Characters come and go seemingly quickly without actually getting to know them. Well, you don’t really get to know any of the characters anyway due to the long boring periods of silence.

You are probably best off watching a couple of episodes just to see what the deal is, but don’t invest too much into it…

So, uh, you’re not a fan then, huh?

Upon re-reading it, I didn’t realize it was such a slam against it. It is not the worst show on the tube, but I also wouldn’t go out of my way to make sure I caught it (or record it if I am out).

Watch it. If you love it then so much the better, but be aware that some people have found some aspects less than desireable.

My wife is watching it and by default, so am I. She is a huge fan of Buffy, enough for me to give her the complete series on DVD. She was intrigued by the write ups for Hex and is sort of into this one. Some of her sentiments are reflected above as well.

I’m still watching it, but can’t help but wonder why. I guess I want to see how it ends up, despite my feeling of impending dissatisfaction. I should stop trying to dollar cost average things other than stocks.

That said, I still watch CSI:Miami (because my wife watches it) despite my :dubious:, :rolleyes:, :confused:, :smack:, and yelling at the TV. It’s amazing that she puts up with me…

Q) Is the lesbian roommate a ghost? If so, do others see her or is it just Blondie and the other ghosts that are around?

I’ve seen maybe one or two episodes of this show, and when I wasn’t being creeped out by the headmaster’s completely inappropriate come-ons to Blondie McWitchypants, I was busy trying to figure out if the lesbian girl was actually dead or not.

Only Blondie and the other lesbian ghosts can see her.

But she can still eat and interact with their environment, although the reasoning behind this is never explained.