UK news - Rail Crash in Potters Bar, Herts

For those UK Dopers that don’t know yet: there’s been a serious rail crash in Potters Bar, five miles from the site of the Hatfield crash. There are serious casualties and probably fatalities.

My parents were in Potters Bar today but fortunately they phoned me to tell me the news so I knew they were safe before I had a chance to worry.

I went to school in Potters Bar. I used to catch that train. I know lots of people there. The kabbess’ brother works there. Some old schoolfriends live there.

I can’t believe this has happened again. First Hatfield, now this. Fuck Railtrack, fuck GNER, fuck WAGN and fuck the whole train system. Someone has to pay for this.



I’ll try to check back. Let us know updates as they become available. All my thoughts for those who were involved and their families.

According to the Beeb it was a derailment, three believed dead, and lots people have been hurt.

Fingers crossed it’s not worse.

Railtrack arseholes.

Latest news suggests three dead, twelve seriously injured. Not again.

There’s no way Stephen Byers can possibly remain in office now.

Been listening to the BBC Five Live radio news.
Have heard eyewitness accounts.

Five dead now. Damn. Know how you feel Kabbes I take the Reading - Paddington train often and a schoolfriend was involved in that crash.

It’s unbelievable that this keeps happening.

My thoughts to everyone.