Umkay; revisited.

How many current Dopers are familiar with the story of Umkay? This was, IMO, the best trolling I’ve ever witnessed during my time at The Dope. It was very entertaining to read this 6 year old thread again, this time with hindsight. I am reposting it here to give any newer Dopers the chance to read it for the first time and older Dopers the chance to read it again, for the entertainment. It may be too embarrassing for some to read, however. This troll completely fooled many, many dopers in a way I hadnt seen before and havent seen since. This is their first and longest thread.

Ooooooh, THAT skeleton.

I dunno, I think of Umkay as someone best forgot.

Misguided, over the top, complimenting of trolling skills. With example provided.

What a brilliant idea!

I’m sure umkay has died a thousand deaths since then

All snowboarding accidents?

Ambi, after the recent kerfuffle in another thread about usernames v IRL names, are you really sure you want to be linking to an umkay thread?


That was a few months before I joined, but I did read all the relevant threads when I heard about it later.

I enjoy learning about Dope history and lore. I know all about WallyM7, The Dio Show, Scylla’s blimp story, and the SDMB Academy Awards.

Sometimes I feel like I missed the Golden Age. Sure, I can tell my grandchildren about things like Incubus’s Hot Mexican Wife, the “Something About Ulysses” thread, and the time Rigamarole spoiled The Force Awakens. But that stuff isn’t quite as cool.

Don’t forget Game of Thrones. Book or Show?

Why was she banned?

Yeeaaahhhh…Ambivalid, are you bringing this up again because you REALLY think it needs to be rehashed, or because you just want attention that badly?

I just think its fascinating reading. I can appreciate the perspective of those who think its better left untouched, i just don’t really share it. I just thought some might like to read the thread (again). It was quite interesting for me. If it was a mistake, hey, the thread will wither away and die on it’s own.


You do realize that JM is referenced MANY times in the thread? Given your privacy hissy-fit last time your name was mentioned, it seems, um, strange for you to bring this old thread to light again.

Anyway, it’s your call. I never really followed the umkay saga, but just a quick perusal today (I am NOT going to wade through 20 pages PLUS side-threads) then yeah, he/she/it told a very convincing story, people were sucked in, and he/she/it is probably in some other corner of the interwebs pretending to be something else again.

I’m not getting into that bs again. I articulated many times why I was upset.

Dude, that is NOT how it went down, so stop mischaracterising the exchange. Anyway, as I said, this thread is your call.

Go for it.

I’m not sure when the Golden Age was, but I’m pretty sure I lived through it.

As such, I would also recommend threads about “Miracle Mexican Fat Burners,” “Tip, You Motherfucking Bastards, Tip!” and the most awesome takedown I’ve ever seen, “The Telemarketer Speaks, I Respond.” In regards to the Telemarketer thread, you will never look at a running jigsaw in the same way again. Ah, and you will enjoy when mod manhattan tells a poster who questions his mod qualifications, “I am the fucking hall monitor, dammit!”

At the same time, you will want to look for threads from blinkie, who was as legit as umkay was fake, and shared his story with us. Unlike umkay, his story could be corroborated by legitimate news and other sources. As I recall, posting was quite an effort for him, but he read a lot here. He and I shared a few PMs, and I can state that he told me how much he enjoyed being a part of the community here. Sadly, blinkie passed away, and you can find more about him in MPSIMS’ “In Memoriam” thread.

I’ll leave it to others to explain, “Hi, Opal!” “‘Rio’ by Duran Duran,” “Penis Ensues,” “Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there,” and other early SDMB memes.

My favorite thing about sympathy trolls is how, when they are revealed, people who really sucked in will start talking about the threads still having value because of the discussions and learning and shit that took place. Oh, and also how it is so much better to be gullible and empathetic than all mean and skeptical.

I just always assumed umkay would bother you as they were an obvious amputee fetishist.

Because she was lying. Her story about being quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair was 100% made up. She was caught lying, exposed as a liar, and eventually admitted to being a liar. Of course she was banned.