Uncanny Think-Alike Moments

First of all, I was telling one of my yoga teachers about how I’m always “thinking in song lyrics” I told him that he always says “a steady slow even flow (of breath)” and I always think of that Pearl Jam song “Even Flow”…He looked at me totally surprised and said, “That’s why I say it!”

Then, Red Hot Chili Peppers new songDani California, to me, sounds an awful lot like Tom Petty’s Mary Jane’s Last Dance. I thought I was the only one who noticed. But in a recent issue of Rolling Stone, an interviewer asked Tom Petty if he had noticed the similarities between Dani California and Mary Jane’s Last Dance.

Finally, on the opening 'screen" of AOL, they always have these cryptic headlines. You have to click on them to find out the whole story. Today’s was “Boy Band Star Comes Out Of The Closet.” I must admit I clicked on it. But while I was waiting for it to load, I tried to guess who it was. Lance Bass, I thought…and sure enough that’s who it was.
I think I’m developing psychic powers!

Ok, it’s worth a try. What Doper name am I thinking of right…now?