UncleBeer!!!!!!!!!!! AM I Getting...

OLD??? Where are all the old timers?? God! once in awhile I need to see an old friend…

So come on old friends!!! How the HELL are you?

Re: your sig

Fart like no one is listening.
Bathe like no one will visit.


Spritle, who prolly don’t count as an “old timer”

I don’t know you, but I qualify as a geezer (46). I was thinking the same thing the other day…lots of young folk on these boards!


Howyadoin’? :wink:



Old-timers? Hmmm. There’s a lot of us still around. Cantherya has made a recent return, pldennison’s back as well; those are just two that come immediately to mind. If ya poke around the other forums, you’ll find lotsa old names. It seems the posters with the greater longevity stick around the less “social” forums.

Yeah, a lot of the ‘social’ types seem to have gotten sucked in by the dreaded LiveJournal.

Good to see you again, GBS! Where ya been hiding?

Hi :slight_smile:

So 1999 is oldtimers? Yay! I’m in the clique!

Am I an old timer??

Nice to see you, GBS!How you doin’???

Bah. I’m ‘older’ than all’a’yas. :wink:

Oh, yeah…Welcomd back, GBS.

Hey GBS, nice to see you again!

What are all you youngsters hootin and hollerin about???

Keep it down!!!

Hey GBS, yes most of us are still around, but with the rush of newer posters, we sometimes get lost. We probably don’t post as often, because a lot of the topics come up over and over, so after a while you’re content to just read, post a few comments, maybe point to an older thread about the same thing. But yep, I’m still around, and glad to see that you’re doing ok too.

GBS - nice to hear from ya!

You definitely put a smile on MY day! :slight_smile:

How’s thangs, chickie?

I have been reading SDMB since it came out. I almost never post. I am silent watcher. And yes I am that creepy sort who you would not want to hear from anyway.

I’m old.
I’ve been here forever.
I’m still here.

Hiya GBS

Speaking of old timers, where has Strainger been lately?