Know of a forum/message board for over 40s?

No offense to any of the regular members here at the 'Dope, but the demographic hereabouts seems to skew a bit on the young side. I still enjoy browsing here from time-to-time, but I often feel like the old fart at the party.

Anyone know of a forum/messgae board targeted at those in their 40s or older?

There may be more people ~40 and up than you think. I’m 47 and certainly don’t feel old farty. Maybe the board skews towards the young at heart and mind…or towards those who refuse to grow up :D.

Interesting. I’ll have to investigate that more.

Odd. The banner says, “a social network for grown-ups,” but the pictures say, “a social network for middle-aged white people”.

Anyway… um… get on your lawn, grandpa!

There are a fair few Dopers over 40. :slight_smile:

And a few not-so-fair dopers over 60.

This site has a variety of news forums, some of which might skew to different age groups.

A fair amount? Sure. An overwhelming amount? Not even close. My guess (based strictly on opinion and not on any actual research) is that the average age hereabouts is 24-ish.

No big deal; I deal with tons of people who are younger than myself on a daily basis, but at some point I’m going to want to talk about Blue Oyster Cult rather than Coldplay; books and films rather than MySpace or Twitter. I’m a 44-year-old parent, husband, father and artist, 70s survivor, 80s model teenager; at some point I’m going to want to connect (at least in the internet sense of the word) with people who have more-or-less similar reference points.

I’m 50. I feel like I’m a little older than the average. But not much. If I had to WAG it, I’d say the average age on teh SDMB is 43.

Maybe it depends on which forums you’re in. We have very few people here younger than still-in-college.

There is no way the average is 24. we have enough retirees who each have 40 years of leverage versus the 4 years of leverage a 20 yo would have.

I think it’s higher than that, though with turnover it’s harder to get a handle on it. After awhile all these years blend together for me and I forget who is here and who has left ;). But I believe when we’ve had polls before ( obviously not very scientific ) the average was more in the 30’s range. Didn’t have much look searching for them though, so maybe I’m misremembering.

For the record, I’m 41.

I’m 43.

Yeah, I’ve always had the impression that my age is about average here, and I’m 42.

Why do you think this?

I recall statistics, not polls, here showing the average age five years ago to be 37, because I remember thinking: “Hey, exactly my age!”

OP: Are you kidding? I’m in my early 20s and I feel too young for this place sometimes. :-/

I can rarely contribute to any threads where people shares cool/exciting stories because I don’t even have any (Yes partially my own fault for not getting into drunken bar fights now and then).

I can’t contribute any new or fun music because I’m a classic rock fan and everyone is here complains of having heard all the bands for decades. Plus the newer stuff I like is too “young” for everyone and they’d run me off their lawnif they could.

I can’t contribute any fun stories about old computers because my oldest computer was from '99. Same with video games, my oldest was SNES.

I can’t even give any good tips for orally pleasuring a woman. I mean, I’m the one who asked for tips in that thread!

Well shit, I’ve gone and depressed myself now. :frowning:

I’m 47. I think I’m a little older than most here, but not outrageously so.


Allow my (40-year-old) self to join the chorus saying “Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Jettboy?”

ahh just think about what you have to look forward too

PS I’m 55

That’s way off. I’m 26 and I am always very conscious of being much younger than 96% of the other posters.

There is a big fat group of people in the 28 to 36 range.