UncleBeer - WCWBF?

Ever hear that Smash Mouth song, Why Can’t we be friends? Well, why?

“C’mon, it’s not even tomorrow yet…” - Rupert

If you need a graphic solution, http:\ alk.to\Piglet

Well, that was a flame and a half.

Try something like this:

Hey! HEY!! Yes, you! UncleBeer, you bloated sack of eviscerated whore’s intestines! You suck your dog’s dick, you vile, moggot-ridden crotchleech! You are lower than the most disease-filled used condom in North Myrtle Beach! Where the fuck do you get off calling my mother a weaselfucker, you acephalatic get of a festering emu scrotum?!? Pull your cock out of the sheep and your felching head out of your ass, pal!
(notice I for the word “felching” in there? Now that’s flaming, by god.)

“notice I for???” What the fuck was that?

Howzabout “Notice I got.” Christ in a sock drawer, I can’t even get a flame right today . . .

My bet is Christ doesn’t want to be anywhere near your flea infested, God alone knows how old, rat infested, scum scrubbing, mold growing socks…


< o | o >
.<_ | _>

Emu? EMU???

EMU. Eastern Michigan University. Located at Ypsilanti. Northernmost city of Kentucky (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

The scrota of their pitiable attempt to field a football team are known far and wide for the injuries incurred when leaping spreadeagle on their tackling dummies. Attempts to hide, rather than treat, said injuries has led to significant festering of the wounds.
(Well, it couldn’t have been the bird, emu, the cloaca doesn’t come with a scrotum.)


Well, I guess you can’t really say this thread went off topic, as it was never on topic to begin with.

And since when is Ypsilanti the northernmost city in Kentucky? Since when is Ypsilanti a city? Since when are there cities in Kentucky? Get your facts straight, you ignorant asswipe.

(P.S.- If you insist on making fun of EMU, just mention its 36% graduation rate)

The IQ of a group is equal to the IQ of the dumbest member divided by the number of people in the group.


Reminds me of the time my college roomate was watching Wings perform “Live and Let Die”. He was amazed that Paul McCartney was covering a Guns ‘n’ Roses song.

If I wanted smoke blown up my ass, I’d be at home with a pack of cigarettes and a short length of hose.


“He had a nice routine, but the closing typo, combined with the blatant disregard for avian anatomy realy hurt him. The scores are arriving now . . and yes, the Russian judge only gave him a 6.7. Ouch! That’s really going to hurt his chances of getting into the finals! And now we’ll send you back to Mary for the floor exercise.”

Step aside, step aside. I’ve got the floor now.

Rory, I’ll explain the problem I have with you.

First of all you posted this topic, asking for advice on camera lenses:

This question isn’t clear at all and the very next poster asked you for additional details.

You responded thusly.


Now you are claiming in another thread:

I’m afraid I don’t see a “virulent attack,” or a “verbal assault,” and your insulting response cannot possibly be construed as “fighting fire with fire.” It is patently rude. Responding in equal terms? Hardly.

Furthermore, we have this thread titled, “Plimoth (sic): 1621” and the link is:

You responded to a previous post with another personal attack by saying,

So, now I have two instances of your lack of courtesy. Both in GQ, I might add. There is no call for that type of behavior in that forum.

You then started another thread titled, “Why Am I Smart?” in General Questions

The topic and your question smack of arrogance when posted in GQ. If your post were re-worded to ask “What causes intelligence,” or something similar and placed in Great Debates, it would have some merit. As it stands, it just seems insolent and puerile.

So, that is my problem with you. Incivility, arrogance and childish behavior. If the rest of the SDMB’ers think I’m out of line, or my judgement is flawed, I’ll drop this right now and apologize.

The floor is now open for debate.

“A zebra does not change its spots.”
~Al Gore, 1992~

Nu, what’s to debate? I already admitted to futzing up the emu thing. So, what, you wanna make a federal case of it?
He’s been a jerk, Beer. Rude, insulting, and snippy for little reason (I like his snotty response to Jois’ Shakespeare paraphrase–he could be a true pedant in no time if he’s left unchecked). But he’s young. Maybe he’ll come around. Maybe.


Rip him a new asshole, Unc. He sounds like another Homer or Konrad to me, only not as literate. Maybe he’ll get bored and go away.

Dirty Devil sez:

I’m insulted.

Yes, well, I think that might have been the point, Konrad.

Aw, gee! Now, look. I’ve changed of late. Yeah, yeah, I was a hard core bitch with massive attitude about spelling, punctuation and general troll behavior; however, in the last month or so, I have softened my heart.

Yes, this guy is obviously another scatophaghe. He has all the makings of another Throttlebottom. But he has shown the white feather and proudly presents his hindquarters to be sniffed…

Ewwwww! No thanks! If you are going to apologize for being a snit, than do so. Don’t wander into the pit, post a lame ass song snippet and hope that all is well. It won’t fly. Say you were out of line to the other posters and ask them to forgive you. It’s very easy. I’ve done it. It works. This is such a left-handed way to try to patch things up that I almost, almost want to giggle at you.


To he I heart, I ask: WCYDM?

(Why Can’t You Do Me?)

I await your explanation with anticipation.

Ummm, I’m still trying to figure out who you are. Drop me an email.

Easy one-step assembly instructions.
Pour Beer A in Uncle B.

Well, this is lame.

Easy one-step assembly instructions.
Pour Beer A in Uncle B.

< pokes head in; looks around for a second; clears throat >

Ooops. I thought this was about how UncleBeer was going to join professional wrestling.

I’m sorry. My bad.

< wonders out >

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Alphagene posted:

Not only did Wings do L&LD before GNR, but get this: Paul McCartney was in a bands BEFORE Wings!!! (as explained to me by my 14 yo nephew a few years ago)

Just shoot me.

Sue from El Paso

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.