Unfortunately, I must now quit my job; or - Must... control... hormones...


I have discovered that I can no longer perform one of the essential job duties of my position here at the University; namely, making trips onto campus for various reasons. Our offices are located in the far northwest corner of campus, well away from the hubub of university life - plenty of parking, quiet atmosphere, no students or other departments, just us. So, from time to time, I am required to go down onto main campus (notably the student center) for various business errands. Sadly, however, it has become glaringly obvious I can no longer perform this job function.

Too many… gorgeous men… brain… can’t… function… GAAAAAAAAAH!

I mean, on the one hand… :smiley:

And, on the other hand… :wink:

But, on the other hand… :eek:

And, on the other hand… :frowning:

(Never has so much been said by so few smilies.)

I am left stumbling towards my car, my brain turned to mush (while other parts of me are left not so soft), my internal sensors on overload, and I’m sweating profusely. A feast for the eyes, to be sure, but at what cost? Frustration, internal struggle, and so forth.

I don’t even know if I could make it through two weeks’ notice…



Couldn’t you um…carry around a stragically placed book?



Well at least my investment in mirrored sunglasses has paid off in spades!


Damn you 'Sprix, now I’ve got that awful Weathergirls song running through my head.

Augh! No, not THAT song! I wanna be where the boys are. Yeah, that’s it. Book of Love, anyone?

Esprix, I can testify that it can be just as bad for us straight folk who work on college campuses. The phrase “Water, water everywhere, but none to drink” comes to mind.

Fortunately for me, I’m at a two-year place so none of the students are over 20. I say fortunately as I’m not attracted to women that young (phew!) Also, as I’m sliding towards depression again, my libido is becoming sluggish again–see, there are positive (?) side-effects to depression.

I’ll get you that perscription of anti-Prozac ASAP. And congrats on the best use of smilies since SILENT_BOB left town.

“I’m not a not a not a boy
uh huh
uh huh
uh huh
uh huh

Who do I see about this is that song is not outta my head by the time I pull out of the parking lot in 5 minutes?

pbrtallboy-are you messin’ wit da bull again?

Esprix- I feel your pain. My work takes me to the Citadel campus sometimes, (that bastion of Southern ass-backward thinking) and even though this girl could babysit them now, all I see are lots of luscious boys…with muscles…and uniforms…and attitudes…YUMYUM…

sKerri’s posts, sidle. SKERRI’s posts! sheeesh!

sKerri’s posts, sidle. SKERRI’s posts! sheeesh! :wink:

This week, I’ve had the air conditioning man and the washer/dryer man at work. I have major lust attacks whenever they are around. The good thing there is that looking at and lusting after both of them makes my day better. Even better, they have to come in to my office to talk about work and get clearance to fix stuff, so I get to look at those woofy, hot men up close. :smiley: Now that’s a job perk!

Listen, sister, I work with engineers, many of whom are young and total hotties. The testosterone in the air here is so thick you’d need a buzzsaw to cut through it. I swear to God my sex drive has shot up dramatically (insert joke here) over the past two and a half years I’ve been working here. Good thing I’ve got a bottom boy to boink.

Hey, alliteration! :slight_smile:

  • s.e.

Some of the guys I see around town when I’m running various errands and minding my own business… well, all I have to say is: “Oh… my… God… they… are… so… hot…” Even some of my friends could qualify for this esteemed distinction; my God, but it hurts being around them! (I swear!) I like them as friends (and some of them even more than friends), but I’ve had my crushes on friends and assorted other men!

Eh? Wassat? I din’t quite catch that. Maybe you should repeat it yet again!

pbrtallboy. Sheesh. SO rude. Hijacking Esprix’s thread like that…:rolleyes:


Esprix, we need to find you a job at a women’s college.

Heh heh…and don’t you just wish you could videotape everything you see for repetitive playback later?

Happened again today. I think my brain is going to just overload.


The school I am currently attending was part of a study done by Playboy a couple years ago on the U.S. schools with the highest female attractiveness quotients. It was #1 among all community colleges.

The summer is approaching. Temperatures in the Diablo Valley (among other things, ho ho) are rising. I feel your pain.

Yeah, yeah, “too many hot guys” “too many hot girls” Boo hoo. Try a day as a bisexual. EVERYBODY IS FREAKIN’ HOT! If you’re lucky, your head explodes before your pants do.

Esprix, I’m shocked to hear that you’re not being faithful to your gel wrist rest!

My wrist rest gets a daily massage - it has no reason to complain for lack of attention. Now if I could only give the same service to some of the hot Asian bois running around campus… <sigh>