United States of Tara & Nurse Jackie

I plan to start watching these tonight. Does anybody have any comments about either show?

I didn’t like Nurse Jackie and won’t be watching S2. I wanted the writers to give us something to explain Jackie’s behavior, the drugs and the cheating. They barely explained the drugs, but back pain doesn’t cut it for me. And from what I’ve read, they don’t plan on giving us any more background in S2 either.

Without having any sympathy for the main character, there just isn’t any incentive for me to get involved with the show, not when I’m gonna keep asking “Why is she doing that?” I did like Chloe though.

I can certainly identify with the cause of the addiction. What started out as aspirin for back pain for my son (who also was a nurse) turned into an oxycontin addiction and ultimately cost him his job and resulted in his arrest and loss of his license. That was a traumatic week of intervention on my part a couple of years ago, but he’s been through rehab and has been clean since then. It nearly cost him his marriage, also. Anyway, I’ll give it a shot.

I love The United States of Tara. We’ve been slowly catching up with it on Netflix, and I’m supposed to get the second disc sometime this week.

I should be able to identify somewhat – I’ve known a lot of people with back pain – including a couple of nurses – and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. And I’ve known people addicted to pills, drugs, alcohol. The practical (unsympathetic) part of me wonders why Jackie doesn’t just move to administration. She bitches about it enough. If she’s not having to lift and bend, wouldn’t that help her back pain? The writers haven’t told us what she’s done to help with the pain. Has she had surgery or therapy, or is she just popping pills?

So that part of it feels contrived for the sake of adding drama, making Jackie into a rebellious and dangerous character with something to hide, and to give her a reason to boink the pharmacist.

But what it boils down to is that I don’t like harsh, abrasive characters. She alienates everybody. It’s probably sexist, because I don’t mind men who behave that way but a nurse, and a woman? That’s probably the real reason I don’t watch – I’m stuck in the 50’s. :slight_smile:

ETA: Glad to hear your son got back on track. Can he reapply for his license? We need nurses.

After over a year, he’s still having to do weekly urine testing. He can apply for reinstatement when that is all finished, but I’m not sure he wants to go back to it. It used to be because he was afraid of being in that environment again, but now I think perhaps he’s moved on from it. Too bad, as it was a real calling for him.

I’m glad I saw this thread, because I didn’t know US of Tara was coming back today. My fiance and I really enjoyed the first season. Obviously, it’s not an accurate portrayal of Multiple Personality Disorder, but I think the writers do a good job of using the character’s MPD to conduct little thought experiments and create some very interesting situations for the characters to deal with. Fiance and I are particularly fond of this show for having a gay kid whose sexuality is no big deal for him or his family.

I saw the first few episodes of Tara and did not like it. I picked it up thinking it was going to be like Dexter, but the tone is totally different. Dexter is a guy who wants to do right for the people around him, while lacking any inner guide to knowing how to do so. Tara inflicts a ton of chaos on her family and obliges them to conform to her needs. Obliging the kids to live with her under those circumstances doesn’t seem that different from living with a raging alcoholic who turns into a different person when she’s drunk.

I watched all of S1 of Nurse Jackie on On Demand. I enjoyed it but I think the show would have been good without the cheating and the drugs.

It doesn’t help that I really like her husband.

I haven’t really noticed any point where her drug use adds to the show. I haven’t also really noticed any sign of her having back pain since the first episode.

Mostly I want to know if her husband knows about the cheating and if her little tantrum at the end of the last season lets everyone know about her drug problem. While I liked the show, I think having those two questions answered for me would make me not want or need to see S2.

I like both shows, but I think Nurse Jackie is light years better than US of T. I’m disappointed though, because one of the nurses seems to be missing, and of the two male nurses, he was definitely the funniest. I love Zoe too, and the administrator whose name I can’t spell (or pronounce). Even the kids are interesting; the kids in *US of T *are okay, especially Marshall. Overall, I think Nurse Jackie has more interesting characters and writing, but I watch and enjoy both. And I don’t mind the drugs and cheating, if she didn’t do those things, Eddie would probably be irrelevant and he’s another character I find interesting.

You missed Jupiter.

It doesn’t matter. Sun is going to blow up and take all the planets and moons with it.

(badly paraphrased)

I love Nurse Jackie! I have nothing else to say besides that :D.

Another Jackie fan here. Couldn’t care less about Tara.

Jackie’s friend, Dr. O’Hara, is seriously sexy.

Another vote for Love Jackie/ Tara = meh. Maybe it’s because I’m a psychologist, but I’m just not buying Tara AT ALL. And, shallow admission: Toni Collette’s horsey face does nothing for me. She’s a great actress and all, but not too easy on the eyes IMO. Love the little gay kid though. John Corbett bugs, too. He plays the same guy no matter what he’s in - Northern Exposure, Sex in the City, this - same guy.

Jackie doesn’t need back pain or any other “reason” to abuse drugs. She’s an addict and that’s why she does it. I really think it was the main reason she was sleeping with Eddie. I don’t think she wanted to. It was for the drugs. If he can’t get her drugs, she’s not interested. Edie Falco is great, but the woman who plays Zoe - she’s amazing. Just not a character I’ve seen before, but SO great. And yeah, where’s Momo? He was amazing!

I love Zoe. Momo was great. I want him back. If Sam is going to spend the whole season trying to get Jackie to go to AA with him, I’ll stop watching the show. He’s really sexy but even that wont help if he’s going to be a holier-than-thou recovering addict. I was neutral about Akalytis in S1 but after her response to Coop, I love her.

Edie Falco is no raving beauty either, my friend. And she’s too old to pull off having gone to school with her husband in the series. :wink:

But we liked both shows. We watched the pilot eps for both on demand, then the season one final eps prior to this season’s openers and enjoyed them all. Collette is a terrific actress, and while psychologists may object to the exageration of the symptoms, the different characters are interesting and the interactions with family and others is fun. The shows are well put together, well-acted and directed.

We’re also excited to see that Laura Linney is going to do a series in the fall with Oliver Platt.

Hey, I’m a lesbian, I think her haircut is hot ;).

I’d watch anything with Oliver Platt in it.

A sitcom, in other words. Or possibly an ER clone.

As a nurse, I love Nurse Jackie. And yes–I’ve known lots of people who have done drugs (not me, thankfully), but I have screwed a few gentlemen in various areas of the hospital–pharmacies, ORs, treatment rooms–Don’t judge me! I was once not only young, but stupid!:wink: I could tell you stories that you’d never believe about what goes on in hospitals. And yes–the Zoe character is spot on too. We usually called somebody like that a “Nancy Nurse” type, they are generally shunned & mocked. There always seems to be one around somewhere. Anybody that tells you that this is an unrealistic portrayal of what sometimes happens in hospitals has not been around long enough or perhaps they are of the “Nancy Nurse” mold and have purposelly (sp?) been left out of the loop.

No. Not a sitcom. I think they could have found another way to make her flawed. Or, they could have done one but not both. I’m not sensitive or offended at all. I just honestly think that her flaws (the drugs in particular) aren’t handled well enough to have them be in the show.

I think the cheating without the drugs works.

The drugs, to me, feel almost like an afterthought.

I’m definitely not explaining this as well as it sounds in my head.

Basically, I have no problem with her doing drugs or cheating. I just don’t think they did a very good job with it. Her relationships with everyone around her are done so well.

Gah! Never mind. My brain isn’t working.