University "last lecture" series.

I am unemployed and plan to be for the next 12 months before starting graduate school (hopefully!)

I will also be touring the U.S for at least part of the next 12 months.

Does anyone know of other schools which have a “last lecture” series A la the famous Randy Pausch Last lecture? (now called Journeys).

Basically, they are classes or lecture events where professors get up and talk about anything and everything they want to talk about. Generally meant to be inspirational.

In particular I had heard Berkeley had some type of last lecture program, but for the life of me my google-fu is weak.



Ack, can a mod correct the spelling of University in the title?


I think the TED lectures are along the same vein. Most are trying to publicize research but a lot have very inspirational messages. If you’re planning on visiting, though, I believe it’s extremely hard to get into to see.