Unofficial All-SDMB "This Post/Poster makes my day!" Thread

We’ve had a lot of talk about the Pit and it’s place on the board recently, and even though I’m in the moderate pro-Pit group, I do agree that spending time there can make us only focus on the negative aspects of our fellow posters. Which is fine - but I have never seen a corresponding Positive Reinforcement Thread, so I’m making one!

A couple of ground rules that I’m asking everyone to abide by.

  1. Please make sure to tag the poster (@) or the post (link) so that they actually get to see something nice about themselves. Also, this is about a poster, or how a poster’s post made you feel good - So please, no news/death/disaster posts - Yes, a breaking news post about DICTATOR X DIED TODAY or NATION/STATE Y FELL INTO OCEAN may make your day, but that’s not what we’re talking about.
  2. While some back handed compliments are okay “I normally disagree with poster BLUESTATE, but this post was awesome,” ironically putting a poster/thread here is not, nor is agreeing with a single point/line in a post and then ripping the post poster about everything else.
  3. Don’t refight another thread here - let’s not have "I loved FACTION X post # 24 because it sure make FACTION 7 look like inbred cretins. We’re (mostly? Sometimes?) adults here, fully capable of living up to the spirit, and not the letter of these few rules.
  4. -DON’T- disagree with someone who posts a thread. Rather than the usual ‘don’t attack the poster, attack the post’ please don’t do either. We often disagree, and this is IMHO. If someone likes someone I don’t, or a post I don’t, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t. But please see the rules above.
  5. Not a rule, but a suggestion - if you feel that your ‘back handed compliments’ are excessive, or you’re refighting an old argument, may I suggest you PM the person you’re trying to compliment and ask them? The point is to say positive things about other people - and if you think it’s borderline, you probable are, but why not ask the source first? If it gets you to reconsider either the compliment or the snark, it’s likely for the best.

Last but not least - this really is a Golden Rule Thread. Please be considerate.

Okay, now to kick this thread off, I want to mention (drumroll…)


Honestly, A_H posts make me want to grab a drink and grab some popcorn. They’re fun, often witty, and generally well researched. Sometime they’re a bit cruel, but rarely are they unjustified. And best of all, A_H is willing to be evenhanded even about people they may otherwise find unpleasant. For an example, her post #831 in the ongoing Schadenfreude PIT thread. Proving all comments in the pit don’t have to be unpleasant swearing fests. Text below in spoilers if people don’t want to go to the Pit or read Pit related content.


I was all in with the shaming the lawyers that were involved in the Stop The Steal campaign, the lawyers that filed all the bogus election lawsuits. I don’t think anyone has a right to file a frivolous lawsuit, and the characters working with the Trump campaign had an option of not pursuing frivolous litigation.

But this is different. I think Donald Trump was entitled to legal representation in his impeachment trial*, just as I feel every criminal defendant is entitled to legal representation, no matter how heinous the crime, no matter how obvious their guilt. It’s a basic civil right, and even the person that that tried to steal my most basic civil right, the right to have my vote count, gets to have legal representation.

ETA *Yes, I know this wasn’t a criminal trial, but as Trump did not have the option of not going to trial, I think the same principles should apply.

Okay, no more gushing. Everyone, find good things to say about people and posts!

A thread for saying nice things? I’ll buy into that.

First off, I have to say @Ann_Hedonia is an excellent choice. But you missed out that she also writes beautifully - a joy to read.

So: I’ll propose @EinsteinsHund. Always interesting - and, it seems, always interested. Always seems enthusiastic about his subject matter. A real music fan, incredibly knowledgeable (and it doesn’t hurt that we share some enthusiasms). Very funny, informative and well-written posts (and I believe English is not his first language). And, of course, the best avatar on the board.

Here he is talking about the bands he used to listen to at high school.


I love reading posts by @CalMeacham Well written, nerdy stuff. Now that I’m employed I should buy a copy of his book on the Gorgons.

@Stranger_On_A_Train and @Qadgop_the_Mercotan always make what could be quite complex subjects easy to digest. And their attention to detail is tremendous.

Reading high-level discussions and actually being able to follow (although sometimes barely) is such a rush for that place in my brain where I store random Things I Didn’t Need To Know.

@Exapno_Mapcase He always comes of as fun and very knowledgable.

I always enjoy @ThelmaLou, @asahi, and @Ann_Hedonia. I enjoy their levels of knowledge, pragmatism, and realism.

Cheers, bruh

I second the Stranger and Qadgop, as well as LSLGuy and K9befriender and Snowboarder. Shit, I gotta be real and say I dig most of the posts by Dibble (unless he’s telling me to shove a cactus up my ass).

I find myself enjoying posts by @Dung_Beetle and @Spice_Weasel.

But that may be because I have huge internet crushes on them.

I enjoy the threads started by @Velocity, he comes up with a lot of original ideas.

Thirding Stranger and Qodgop, though I think Stranger has left, sadly, and I enjoyed @monstro’s posts, but she’s left too.

There probably are others but I can’t think of them right now.

He’s not gone entirely, but posts only a couple things a week. Often rather cynical comments about the current state of politics. But, as always, well thought out and well presented.

I like @Gatopescado 's posts: they are short, to the point and they make me laugh. Wish I could be as concise.

Seconding @Gatopescado. (I owe him money.)

@gatopescado is a great poster, a gentleman, and a scholar who is not paying me to post this.

In the years I’ve been on the Dope, I have only seen a few Stranger posts that were below 200 words.

I think we need to compile every single one of his comments together and it would form an informative hundred-page book on topics ranging from rocket trajectories to cancer research and DEA bureaucracy.

I agree, but he IS paying me to post this.

Awww thanks……that makes me think I should whine about being an insecure writer that needs validation more often.

And I’m going to throw out special mentions to

for being skilled and thoughtful writers

And in a few seconds, I’m going to remember that other great writer whose name is slipping my mind at the moment. If you’re reading this, it’s probably YOU. :blush:

Wow, thanks! :blush: I don’t think I’ve ever made one of these threads before.

Why golly–thank you, Ann, and back atcha! I definitely appreciate your posts.

Adding also to the Qadgop and Stranger love. And a few others: @MrDibble and @Banquet_Bear often bring perspectives and knowledge that educates me, and I really appreciate that. @monstro and @Aanamika are very missed. @Miller is brilliant on the comics/sf front, even when I’m not sure I agree with him, and has a fantastic turn of phrase in politics and the Pit. @kayaker regularly cracks me up.

Maybe I’m biased because I’ve always been fascinated by flying, but @LSLGuy’s posts I always find interesting and informative, even if they are not about flying. I also enjoy his contributions in the XKCD thread, and other parts of the board.

Other flyers like @Broomstick, @Johnny_L.A and @Richard_Pearse also contribute greatly, even if vicariously, to my enjoyment of the world of aviation.

@Stranger_On_A_Train is extremely knowledgeable and informative on a variety of topics, I always look forward to his posts, even if I have to put aside considerable time to get through some of them.

@Left_Hand_of_Dorkness, as a teacher, not only brings a useful perspective on the state of education, which is a topic that is often at least tangentially related to many threads, but also, as an elementary teacher, displays a gift with his patience and ability to, well, teach. Sometimes subjects are complex, and he has a way of explaining them that is approachable while not being patronizing, IMHO, anyway.

While @Ann_Hedonia’s been mentioned a few times already, I have to agree, and throw my love for reading her posts. They are sometimes somehow or other both terrifying and encouraging in the world that they describe.

Well, I could go on for a while, and I don’t want to insult anyone by leaving them out, but I’ll omnibus a bit some of the other posters I enjoy reading:

iiandyiiii, Little_Nemo, kayaker and kaylasdad99 (even though I had some confusion for a while back in the day over thinking they were the same poster), asahi, miller, Buck_Godot, GIGObuster, Gyrate, Euphonious_Polemic, MrDibble, crowmanyclouds and many others that I could probably think of if I spent more time thinking about it.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Apparently you can only mention ten users in a post, so I removed some @'s.