Unofficial All-SDMB "This Post/Poster makes my day!" Thread

I’ve been there. There is help, I know very well that medications these days can do wonders, I can’t say more. Just seemed like something not to joke about, especially to someone who might not get the joke.

But thanks! That was my little ego boost for the week. Unearned, but nice anyway.

Permit me to disagree, it is absolutely earned. It is easy to be mean on the internet, and sometimes seems harder to be nice without (or without the perception of) the justification of looking good to people on social media.

The point of the thread is -to make people’s day-. If you see an amazing piece of writing, a poster going above and beyond for the board or another poster (I’m eyeballing @dropzone may he return soon in good health and @Beckdawrek here), let them know it here. And let others see it!

Not to say it has to be all rainbows and butterflies, as I’ve put particularly well written or funny bits of razor-edged snark as well, just not ones addressed at other posters. It’s about letting a poster know with more than a “This.” or a +1 or a :heart: that what they’ve said or done is memorable and moving. It’s a place for old fashioned positive reinforcement. So again, @Saintly_Loser, it is indeed earned, and if it was a needed ego boost for the week then we’ve done what was intended, just remember to pass it along when something or someone blows your mind with a post!

Hear, hear! Couldn’t agree more.

Shout out to @UltraVires for his work on the Texas Abortions threads. He’s done a good job of explaining the ins and outs, explaining how it’s an awful law (even though he’s personally opposed to abortion and Roe), and answering tons of questions.

Also, a shout out to @Martin_Hyde who has been very helpful in the various Afghanistan threads.

Heartily agree on both.

Plus, @UltraVires is being amazingly patient and restrained in the mailbox thread. I couldn’t do it to the extent he can.

Came in to mention that @Martin_Hyde has churned out a lot of lengthy but thoughtful, informed and absolutely worth reading posts on US politics past and present in the last week or so in various threads. Quality posting, that man.

A particularly positive message was shared in the Pit thread regarding @Miller’s now repeatedly delayed wedding. This isn’t a thread directed against anyone, just the pain that COVID-concurrent life can be, so should be no worries.

In the vast scheme of things, weddings don’t matter. Marriages do. If you’re happy in the marriage, then the wedding can take place anytime in the future. If you have to wait for your fifth anniversary to have a great shindig, you’ll enjoy it just as much as if it happened when it should have. Enjoy your lives together, regardless of when you get to have your reception.

All credit to the wise person who authored the quote, @BobLibDem!

Definitely agreed.

@Stranger_On_A_Train has been blowing up ignorance in multiple space-based threads recently, but the following piece was a marvel of writing and realism I wanted to share.

Dammit for being true though. :slight_smile:

Long time favorite of the thread @Ann_Hedonia, in an analysis of vaccine refusniks:

This is partial quote from What IS it with Republicans and not wanting to get vaccinated? - #274 by Ann_Hedonia, and bonus points for @DesertDog for giving it kudos in thread, but figured I’d share it wider.

But, since we do want to focus on the positive in the thread as well, I’ll close with the first line of the post -

Oh, I don’t think anyone should go around calling people that refuse to get vaccinated “bad” or “evil”, either. It’s not productive. Neither is the anger.

A good reminder as I (and probably others) head into a holiday weekend (with my in-laws) that fall on the conservative side of the spectrum. Spare myself the frustrated fury, and be glad I got my booster.

A slightly different post/poster caught my eyes today, and wanted to call out what it said about @Miller, but also all of us.

In his comments as he closed and locked a zombied pit thread, he said the following:

Back in the before times, in the long-long ago, when this thread was started, we were a little more laissez faire about threads titled “I really hate [religious group]”. Now that we’re in the distant future, with our hover boards and domestic robots, we prefer not to have this sort of thing, so I’m closing the thread.

No sanctions to anyone involved, particularly if they posted back when flint knapping was the new big thing.

I loved the post, that we can look back at 20 years and recognize that we are no longer those people. For the record, there were many people in the original thread that absolutely called out the issues of condemning an entire group for the actions of individuals, and that the same applied for modern misinformation on other groups as well.

Anyway, here’s hoping :crossed_fingers: that 20 years from NOW, PTB willing, the SDMB or an incarnation of it, will be able to look back at some of our remaining hate and bloody-mindedness and close it with the same rueful humor and regret we saw from Miller today.

Tell Miller I want my leeches back. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I wanted to bring up a series of posts by @Moriarty for all admire (although I do recommend the thread as a whole for a read, with many posters, including the ever-popular @Ann_Hedonia making good points) from the ongoing Thedacare thread -

Again, this is the specific post that most caught my attention, but throughout @Moriarty was trying to be a voice of reason, wanting the details, admitting that all the pre-review info looked bad, but making a point that this was being dealt with in an accelerated manner and that we might have an answer by Monday (which was yesterday). To quote the scenario he put at the end of that post -

“Here’s what I’m going to do. Since you are telling me that there are patients who might die, I’m going to sign this temporary. But you better bring me more than the fact that it is hurting your client’s accreditation, or that these people all decided to go to the same new job, if you want the final. People can work where they want.

In fact, I don’t want to sit on this. If I clear my calendar Monday, can everybody get in here to finish this? The law requires both sides to have a meaningful chance to be heard, so you’ve got the entire afternoon. But then I’m making my ruling.”

Which is (largely) what happened, they didn’t make the case and the Temporary Restraining Order was lifted. Which means Moriarity may well be prophetic, or, come to think of it, I’ve never seen them and Outagamie County Circuit Court Judge Mark McGinnis in the same place at the same time… Hmmm.

Seriously, while a bit stressful (tempers were high regarding the TRO and treatment of worker’s rights in this case), the thread is adorned with moments of glory, including several takedowns of Thedacare’s “defense” and some awesome ‘what if the situation was reversed?’ hypotheticals - not to mention the opposing attorney’s summary brief regarding Thedacare’s actions was a monument of legal snark.

Anyway, hat’s off to @Moriarty, who may or may not (Inquiring minds want to know!) be Judge Mark MacGinnis, and if not, if said Judge is a poster here (or googling themselves), an earned “Well done.” from myself.

Your comments are too kind.

I’m definitely not a judge, although I’d love the job. And I snickered when I read “Outagamie”, so I wouldn’t make it as a practitioner there.

Nope, just your yoeman criminal defense attorney (I’ve worked for some highly successful people who’ve done some big cases - one, I hear, just bought himself a private plane: another has announced he’s running for Congress. Alas, I be poor)

The judge’s “tell” was, I think, setting this final hearing so quickly. Courts don’t just have open calendars - they tend to be stacked, with the next available date usually about a month out. This judge probably had to move some things around to address this, suggesting that he was concerned about anticipated problems with maintaining the injunction.

The other thing to observe is that the judge commented that the parties should try to agree on a temporary solution because his order, issued Friday, didn’t seem like the best outcome. I think it was evident that he was concerned about the ability to solve this with a stroke of a pen. I mean, as others noted here, these people could have just decided to not work at either place, and it’s not like he could have stopped them. So was the injunction really going to solve this problem, anyway?

Ultimately, I didn’t hear any evidence of merit presented either.

So why the temporary? I’m guessing it was simply the whole “people could die” angle. If you are a judge, and people are telling you that you could have blood on your hands, don’t you think you’d want to consider the merits of their claim, too?

It’s a great name, and the local pronunciation is fun, too: OUT-uh-GAME-ee.

@Moriarty, you will get up on your podium and take your praise from the teeming . . . dozens? like an adult!

The positive reinforcement will continue until morale improves!

But seriously, it’s well earned, and if you feel unworthy (which I won’t disagree with because I said not to argue in the OP) then you must pass it on by finding some post or poster MORE worthy of praise for positive reasons. Because!

And today, we have a sister thread, by @lobotomyboy63, the Poster appreciation thread, so we’re up to 2, 2(!), 2 (!!!) “ah ah ah” positive threads to say nice things about each other.

Seriously though, in light of the stress everyone is under given COVIDs drawdown (may it continue), the Ukraine, and a generally crappy state of the world, lets all try to be excellent to each other.


Most people don’t realize that that was the seldom-quoted last line of the Gettysburg Address.

So, it’s been a rough couple of months for the board and the world, with quite a bit of grievance in ATMB, gdave leaving, Dropzone passing, and that’s just the Dope! The world is also in a dangerous place, and bad things are happening to good people, so I figured it was time wake up this thread and encourage you guys to do the same.

Soooo, in a recent Pit thread (we’ll be there shortly), a post came up that I had-had-had to share. For those who don’t want to read the bits before or after, the PG version is this.

Poster A chided poster B for treating an off-board public figure as an “infallible demigod” and I quote.

@Atamasama, in a burst of sleep-deprived insight, converted this to the phrase “inflatable demigod” which was obviously a sign of divine inspiration, and shared it with the thread.

@Johnny_Bravo, diabolical wonder, took the above and well, genius ensured (Pit thread warning, click on the image, it’s safe, I promise)

Bow down before your inflatable God puny mortals!

Now once again go forth and look for the good in the board to share.