Unofficial All-SDMB "This Post/Poster makes my day!" Thread

Well, that’s odd. Maybe it’s a ‘crash the board due to the linkage being excessive’ sort of thing.

Anyway, I don’t always get to this sub-forum so I’m grateful for the OP specifying to use the 'at’s.

Thank you, @Ann_Hedonia for your kind mention! And of course like virtually everyone in the thread I’d have mentioned you even without it being a returned compliment; I particularly love the way you bring in just the right real-world experience to illuminate so many topics.

I agree with many who’ve posted about particular names that can Make My Day (and not in the Clint Eastwood sense). I must add @Aspenglow and @wolfpup, @ThelmaLou, @asahi, and that’s not the end of the list. @Smapti with the Trump imitations. And others. (The quoted @k9bfriender, for one.) And one of the people with a name that begins with an E consistently makes me guffaw (or at least chortle) out loud…or maybe it’s all of them.

I’ll be back!

And for today, a poster going above and beyond for another board member…


While the thread on @Beckdawrek 's surgery is an occasion we hope to avoid repeating, DZ taking the time out to share the updates with the board is a mitzvah (oh my god, I typed that, I am turning into my father!?!?!). Now Dropzone go forth and make our day with happy news as well.

And of course Beckdawrek is entitled to a shout-out here as well, she’s almost unremittingly positive, even in a world that seems bound and determined to grimdark itself to oblivion. Heal well and hope to see you soon!

Thanks for the love. One person I haven’t seen mentioned here is @Kimstu. I find myself in frequent enthusiastic agreement with their posts and they always swoop in with a better articulated point than I could have made on my own.

@Velocity adds a nice moderate viewpoint to most issues that I appreciate.

Thank you!

@ParallelLines , your OP made my day a bit brighter.

Glad to help you out there @Heffalump_and_Roo - it’s Monday, we can all use a little help from our friends (and caffeine, lots of caffeine).

But actually came back to the thread for a second time today to mention a specific post -

@LSLGuy has been mentioned in this thread before (and for good reasons), but really wanted to share the Post this time. It talks about what makes the board what it is, and how to hold on to the best of what we are. A select quote:

But knowing that we are successful, at least in the sense of still being here at all, we can maximize that future success by trading on what we are, rather than trying to become something we aren’t.

Stay open to international participation. Emphasize things that let us connect as people, not just as disembodied experts or opinion-spreaders/spewers. Most of all, preserve the civility that helps us all remember that the words of others we read aren’t coming from bots to be shouted at; they’re coming from actual people with feelings just as sensitive, prickly, and rubbed raw as our own.

I raise my Monday evening Rum and Cola to you LSLGuy!

Every word, all true!

:tumbler_glass: to @LSLGuy, who shoulders much of the blame for this mere mortal poster still being here.

There are some posters who, no matter what the subject is, put up posts that I will always look at:

@Spice_Weasel (sparkly jackboots or not)

There are more, but those come to mind first.

Thanks, @Spoons, and you should add your own name to that list.

Other than the part about me*, I would’ve written a list very close to yours. Both the folks in this snip and the the @-ed ones in the earlier part of your post.

Some folks are better at being earnest, others at jokes, and others as just plain wise. But each brings a different and vital ingredient to our stone soup here.

* And thank you for that. I blush better than you might expect for an increasingly crotchety old guy. :blush:

I think he hasn’t posted in a while, but @Richard_Parker deserves a mention - he’s one of the all time best posters on law or politics, IMO.

You aren’t nearly as crotchety as you think you are. You are probably right on the ‘old guy’ part.

I’d add @nelliebly and @thelmalou. They always add kind and wise along with perceptive about the human condition.

@Gyrate has been mentioned way back in post #20, (although Discourse robbed him of his @) but was in a Pit thread today where he shared the following.

I want to add that I myself am occasionally annoying and irrational and dumb, and sometimes I even smell bad (although I am certified cootie-free). Because it’s part of being human. But I try to add more than I detract. And I think that applies to most of the regular posters here.

Pit thread info, if you want to look at it, but we’re trying to avoid negatives: I Pit Czarcasm, post # 45

Pit or not, a couple sentences that speaks to the best of the board.

It’s not like @Stranger_On_A_Train hasn’t been mentioned (frequently) but this post had me almost choke due to laughing so hard.

From Barbecue Styles - #24 by Stranger_On_A_Train

Whoa - thanks for the kudos, guys/gals/others. It’s nice to be appreciated.

And I’m going to jump on the @Ann_Hedonia fan club bandwagon. While this messageboard has many smart, talented and insightful people, in recent months the posts that have most kicked my mental ass [note to self: metaphor needs work] have been Ann’s. Always worth reading.

I feel bad for not mentioning all the others whose contributions I appreciate, but I will at least also shout out to @GIGObuster, who - so many times over the past several years - has rolled up to a fact fight in a Sherman tank and blown the other side away. The relentless decimation of other posters’ wilful ignorance in climate change threads alone deserves a mention, if not some kind of actual trophy and/or cash prize.

I add @VOW .

My sister from another mister.
Kind and funny are just two things I say about her.

Love her to pieces.

TU @Beckdawrek , Sweetheart.

Beck and I just clicked when we stumbled upon each other here at the Dope. If we ever meet IRL, we will actually PHYSICALLY stumble over each other, and the paramedics will have to be called!

I’d love to sit around a table on Beck’s back deck, and we’d have @BibbityBobbityBoo, @nellybly , @panache45 , and probably a dozen more I can’t remember right this minute.

All of us would be silly, loud, rude, and laughing so hard we’d have iced tea running down from our noses.

The older bladders would then leak.

It would be one of those days you never want to end.

There’s a lot of love here at the Dope.


@VOW nailed it!

To be sure. I met some of my best friends here, though they don’t post much anymore.