Unprotected anal sex causing erectile dysfunction?

Someone told me that because vitamin K was found in the rectum, having unprotected anal sex could cause erectile dysfunction since the the penis would be exposed to this vitamin K.

I have personally never heard of this before. Anyone know anything about this?

It’s nonsense. And that’s speaking as a physician.

Both the premise that unprotected anal sex causes ED, and the proposition that exposure to vitamin K would do the same.

Thank goodness, all I had were anecdotes. If you know what I mean.



go ahead and rubber up, there’s a lot of other things you can be exposed to in there.

Waitaminute? Vitamin K meaning the vitamin? Or mean ketamine, a popular club drug in the gay community? The latter has an inhibitory effect, but I don’t know if it affects ED and it traveling to the rectum and affecting another is iffy.

Or someone didn’t want to try anal, and made this up to shut their partner up.

You mean, with, “Ew, you know there’s… Vitamin K in there, right?”

I’d like to see some real-world data. Somebody should call Mythbusters.

So, which of the Mythbusters would be testing the myth?

I heard anal sex causes weight loss, and helps people quit smoking.

For the pitcher or the catcher?

I had a friend in high school who complained of this same exact problem

I know it would for me in particular. I don’t know whether that is purely physical or psychological however.

That’s the one weird trick, I’ll bet. They’re right, it’s weird.

Every time I think you’ve topped your best username-post combo you somehow manage to outdo yourself.

Heh, topped.

I’d pass it off to the build team and let Kari, Grant and Tory grapple with this one.

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