Unreasonable anger

Rrrrrg. I’m so annoyed, but it’s completely stupid that I’m annoyed so I’m trying to pretend that I’m not. My boss’ mother died today. I feel absolutely awful for him. Nobody here at the office had ever met her, but it was very sudden and it just really sucks that he has to deal with this (just like it would suck for anyone who is faced with this). We all like our boss a LOT - he’s a great guy. We work in a very small office. I’ve known him for a pretty long time - I worked with him at another company and when he came here, I came with him. Everyone else started within the last couple months. Although we all get along great at work, none of us are particularly close outside of work. (This is all background information).

Anyway, while I was at lunch, I got a phone call from our office drama queen. She was hysterically crying - the type of thing where she could hardly catch her breath. She managed to get out the news about our boss’ mom. I couldn’t figure out what she was freaking out about. I came back to the office and he was being his normal stoic self, packing up his stuff so he could go get his wife and head back to his hometown. Meanwhile, DQ was still crying, wiping her eyes, sniffling, etc. Was she upset because she was particularly close to the woman who died or our boss? No. Was this bringing back a traumatic incident in her past? No. She’s just like that…extremely emotional.

If I was more cynical than I already am, I’d say that it was a ploy for attention. I know this is mean and unreasonable, though. She’s just like that and I’m just not. It really annoys me (this is not the only story I could tell about similar behavior), but I know it’s not something she can help. I guess I’m just venting here because I know it wouldn’t help to say anything to her, it would just make me look like a completely unfeeling tool, and, in the end, it’s no big deal. I don’t know, it just made me mad that she was being so dramatic about someone she doesn’t even know. Am I a complete ogre?

If you’re a complete ogre, then so am I. Not that I think that makes it any better. It’s not fun to feel bad about being annoyed by someone else. Just be glad she was the one born an annoying drama queen, and all you have to do is put up with it once in a while.

Does that help? Didn’t think so. Posting anyway.

yes, but so am I, and so is the rest of the world. It shows your smart >because it is pointless for her to get so emotional over something she can’t relate to really< and that your a good person >because you realize its wrong be upset at someone due to a small personality quirk<. Give it a couple hours, you’ll get over it and it’ll be behind you until the next episode. :slight_smile: