Unscented Toilet Paper?

What happened to my scented Toilet paper?

Everywhere I look my scented TP has been replaced with Unscented?

Am I the only person out there that has an ass that can actually handle a little floral scent without getting a rash?

Interestingly, it paper itself is not scented, but the paper tube is. It may permeat within the plastic package to get into the TP itself, but not much. Scent adds cost to each roll, and with the paper market in doldrums at the moment, they may be reducing cost to get margin (packs sell the same with or without foo-foo dust).

And if you really think the odor eminating from between the cheeks can be covered by a quick wipe with a wad of paper that came off a roll with the perfume on the INSIDE, hey, have at it.

If you’ve used it, then it’s scented, isn’t it? May not exactly be floral, but technically it has a scent.

OK, so seriously, from what I’ve heard, many people developed irritations, particularly women, who would itch when they used it up front. That, combined with the added manufacturing costs, have made it obsolete.

If you really must have scented toilet paper, you can get those air fresheners that replace the paper holder. Since they sit inside the tube, they will scent the paper in the same way as UncleBill points out.

Or else you could just spray some floral air freshener in your ass-crack.

I like to scent mine myself.

Seriously though, who smells their TP?

  • faint *

** “…His, brain, is, severely swallon…” **

Democritus…it stings. :slight_smile:

Silly wabbit. The purpose of scented TP is not to give the user a floral-smelling ass, but to add a little “freshness” to the bathroom. The only time you can really smell the TP is when you rotate the roll when you’re tearing off a few squares. Hey presto! Clean-smelling scent is released when it’s needed most. Surely, that’s worth one irritated ass out of a million.

I know…

You could unravel the toilet paper off the cardboard tube and shove the cardboard tube up the… you get my drift??

Then every step you take, will release a nice fragrent smell for your mates… and you would never have to worry about @$$ odour again…

There is a reason for everything and the perfect * roundness * of the cardboard tube proves this :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a thought…