Unstable internet issues.

I have Verizon high speed internet in my house, it has been my internet for 5 years. It has always worked as well, as any internet works, with conditions of bandwidth or stressed service conditions.

However these last two weeks have been an abomination to any standard of funciton.

I have always had two wireless computers hooked up, with my third computer hooked directly to the hub.

The computer that is attached by ethernet cable takes like 5 minutes to register internet access, when loading browsers. It will refuse to load websites, without any error messages, as if it is a “stale” or poor connection. I can connect to video games without a glitch though.

My ps3 will issue me DNS errors, on not being able to connect to the internet, for approximately the same ammount of time as the browser will act in error.

My Ipad has issues loading errors with Netflix, for the first time, at the same time as this two week error circumstance. Error 1011.

As far as the wireless computers, I think they are all running delayed as can be expected, going through wireless signal.

This isn’t all simultaneous overload, and it has worked efficiently enough, other than these last two points, with the same reoccuring upset, on internet function…

Any insights? Proxy settings or port settings or whatever IP settings?

If nothing has changed at your end, have you complained to Verizon?

Resetting the modem has seemed to work for now. It is really a tangle somewhere from reading the URL server, from the idle home page.

Does anyone know how to access the different server lists, one can connect his computer too, out of the browser? They are like regionally hosted ip addresses, you route your internet hub through. I am not talking about changing your own personal IP, by resetting the modem.

I can’t remember how to enter it, to bring up the right results.