Update on my friend with the nasty ex-wife

Total spoiler right here: Who wants some good news on a Monday morning for a change?

As extensively detailed here, I have a friend (let’s go with “F”) who’s divorced. His ex is apparently one helluva piece of work, and has deliberately made it very difficult for F to see his 7-year-old boy. He has to hunt her down, and fight hard for any time with his son, and the battles have worn him down into some serious depression.

Until a few days ago.

She called him.** Much … unpleasantness ensued, but eventually they hashed out an agreement in which F. will get to see his son a couple times a week, as promised in their divorce/custody agreement. Hoozah, in theory, right? She’s not known for keeping her word, you see.

But as promised, F’s father came around yesterday, and lo and behold, look who he has with him? Why, it’s the small person at the center of all this dramashitfest: cute, shy, funny, with that clear high-pitched voice little kids have. Mr. Shoe and I mostly hung back out of the way, beaming quietly at each other, while F. and his son spent the whole damn day together, hanging out and relaxing together on our couch. Watching Cartoon Network, playing Wii, wrestling around, and just generally being a dad and son together. I’m still high on happy-fumes on F’s behalf, so I can only imagine how delighted he is with life at the moment.

Plus there’s the security of knowing this wasn’t a one-off thing: plans have already been set for the next couple of dates. F’s son came with a shark-themed puzzle, which they started together but did not finish. The puzzle is here, at our house: “We’ll finish it the next time you come over.” He said it quietly, but I swear, those words practically shimmered and glowed in the air.

As someone with no children, I rarely do the “funny things kids say” thing, but here’s a rare exception:

F: What do you want on your pizza?
Kid: Umm… chicken. And chocolate sauce. And … butter.
** F. mentioned a while back that he’d asked his father to talk to her on his behalf. At the time, he brought it up because he was seriously disappointed in his father for not doing so. Looks like the old man came around, eventually.

That’s awesome. Let’s hope it’s the start of an ongoing pattern.

Introduce that child to pollo en mole stat!

That’s a good point, Little Bird! Maybe the kid’s a budding culinary genius. :slight_smile:

I’m happy for F. Hopefully she’ll stick to her agreement. If not, F should contact the court that signed off on his divorce/custody agreement.

Glad to hear things are starting to go a little better for this guy. He’s had a rough year. Good to hear his little boy enjoyed seeing his dad, too. Shows that he hasn’t been brainwashed by Mom (or at least, it hasn’t worked.)