Update Thread for Board Performance Symptoms

Report for 09-28-03:[ul][li] Great clickthrough speed and posting all the way past noon PST.[/li]
[li] Afternoon (evening EST) snarl of page refresh and posting turn around.[/li]
[li] Higher failure rate of “sneak through” post submits.[/li](Some timeouts still manage to complete text transmission without finalizing the signoff handshake. Upon a second preview, the post is shown as having been added to the thread. During the final stages of board gridlock, timeouts occur with “sneak throughs” occurring 3% of the time.)

[li] Update of latest contributors on forum pages can remain unchanged for up to ten hours so far tonight.[/li]
[li] One of my posts was lost.[/li](Can’t remember the thread now as I am not currently logging all posts. If the situation deteriorates, I will begin logging my posts again (and posting times from now on).[/ul]

[li]9/29/03[/li] Everything seems fine, but I can’t get this feeling that someone is watching me… Stalking me. I heard the murderous server of chicago is on the loose. I hear he’s been taking threads from the Zenster district… Doing horrible things to them.

WAIT! What was that noise?

Investigating. If I do not reply within 6 hours, assume dead.

While Zenster’s OP, in the light of the weird stuff around here lately, was serious (I take it) – your post fair cracked me up, Aslan. :smiley:

Well, Quasi’s “Lottery and Stock … WTH” thread in GQ is shot to hell.

No OP present between the header and footer. When I posted a note to the mods, the forum then showed 0 replies, yet indicated that I was the most recent poster. Could be that I am viewed as the original poster or something.

Methinks it’s time to reset the server, or take all the hamsters out for a drink (or a bullet, whichever comes first).
Thread ID:


Let’s not neglect to mention that there are nearly half a dozen of Quasi’s duplicate threads as well.

It’s a hit-or-miss over here. Board speed is absolutely blazing at times and snail-paced at others.

For me those times when you press submit and the thread either hangs or times out - the thread gets posted 99 percent of the time.

(I think I remember only one occasion when the post didn’t post)
Board slowness co-incides with the following occurences…
1 minute after I arrive here.

Whenever I spot an interesting thread (it’s fine before that)

Whenever I get a particularly good idea for a thread or reply to a thread (again, fine before that)

Whenever someone has said something dumb or wrong and I must correct quickly.

It’s been a couple of days and Aslan hasn’t replied yet… sigh the MSC (murderous server of Chicago) has taken yet another victim.

This used to be the case, but lately, it seems to be the reverse situation. When I have a post that times out, I always preview to check, and lately (this summer, or so), it’s not been posting the first time.

Always preview before resubmitting.

I’d like to add:

On the rare occasion that I run into a reply-less GQ thread I actually know the answer to.


Great clickthrough and posting times up until ~15:00:00 PST. Performance declined seriously thereafter until about 21:00:00 PST.

Good speed all day until 21:00:00 PST. Board is currently providing marginal performance .

One post lost from Quasi’s Cafe Society “Christmas Recipe” thread.

MacTime 11:30:35

What is the deal here?! I think someone is swiping recipes and forgetting to put them back in the cookbook!
This behavior must desist!

And I (who have silently been observing for a few months) am at great puzzlement upon witnessing disappearing threadmarks.
Where are the VBulletin Police when we need them?

Major bottleneck observed around 19:00:00 PST. Otherwise, pretty smooth sailing all day.

Definite problems with “last post” updates on the Cafe Society forum page. My reply to Quasi’s cookoff thread has not been reflected for over 6 hours.

Time to reset the server (if that is what cures this problem).

Nitpick: Do you mean PST or PDT? I’m pretty sure that all of the Pacific zone states observe Daylight Saving Time, and we haven’t fallen back behind, yet.

Recently, it’s pretty apparent that the boards really choke up as the “lunch crunch” sweeps across the continental United States. From about 9:00 to 13:00 PDT the boards bog down rather badly.

Today, a pit thread started by Otto had its OP deleted and my GD “Lack of Modernization in the Middle East” thread posted, received three views and then promptly self-destructed. I’ve just noticed another missing post in the IMHO “Baby Shower for Guys” thread. (Now reposted.)

Time to reset the server or whatever it is that fixes this.

Well, that’s three different posts of mine that have gone missing from the IMHO “Would I want to eat the chicken’s feet served in Chinese Restaurants?” thread.

Someone’s tender ministrations are required. Hammer or no.

Okay, something really twisted is going on. I have never seen anything like this before. I’m trying to do a search in the BBQ Pit and after a while, the screen goes totally blank (white). The back button returns me to my forum search entry just fine.

This has happened four times in a row.

Very strange. The progress bar shows the search function completing, but instead of the “Your search is now in progress” notification, I get a blank screen.