Upholstery & Odor Retention (TMI, maybe)

Several years ago I reached that point in life where darn near everything I eat is converted into malodorous gas by the friendly bacteria in my intestines. That’s bad enough on its own (note to self - investigate the effectiveness of Beano.)

Here’s what’s worse: many of my gaseous eruptions take place while I’m seated right here in front of my computer, which brings me to the point of this post. My chair is an old ('60s-'70s era) office chair. The seat is upholstered with tweed over a foam cushion. When I break wind while sitting on this chair, the gas is directed into the upholstery/cushioning, where it stays. It doesn’t dissipate on its own. So my chair stinks. Badly. Fortunately, this is at home where there is nobody else around to smell my chair.

This is really a serious problem, though, because the chair then transfers the odor back onto the seat of whatever pair of pants I’m wearing the next time I sit in the chair. I’m forced to change into a fresh pair of pants every time I go out, if I’ve been sitting in the chair. Otherwise, I’m afraid that people around me are going to think I’ve sh*t myself. This is become a very distressing problem.

So I guess my question is this: how do I get this smell out of the upholstery? I’ve practically emptied a can of Lysol into the seat, and that hasn’t done the trick. The Lysol is probably not penetrating deeply enough. Right now, I’ve covered the seat with a towel folded in half with a flattened plastic garbage bag sandwiched between the halves to act as a “vapor barrier”, and that seems to be helping to reduce the odor transfer from the chair to my pants. But the smell in the chair itself remains.

The only time I’ve ever managed to get rid of the smell was by placing the chair outdoors for an entire Spring and Summer and using a different chair in the interim.


Well, this doesn’t exactly answer your question, but…

Replacing the pad on that sort of chair is rather easy. Rip off the old tweed and old foam. Get fresh. Get a staple gun and fire away - the base support of the chair is probably wood and you can staple right into it.

Voila - smell is gone. :slight_smile:

Have you tried an odor eliminator/fabric refresher such as Febreze? I don’t think Lysol is an odor eliminator/fabric refreasher.

alice_in_wonderland - the chair frame is metal, so staples won’t do the trick :wink:

JuanitaTech - I’ll look into Febreze. Thanks.

Psst! Beano really works.

Just get rid of the chair. Sounds costly, but think of the face that you’ll save. Your chair likes to keep farts, you don’t, ditch the chair. Retaining odors is one thing, transferring them is unacceptable.


Nice sturdy chairs…reasonable prices…free shipping.

For your new chair, you may want to consider an activated charcoal seat cushion. You can find several sources by googling. You can also take activated charcoal in tablet form and may find it helpful.

You might have an intestinal problem (like Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which is causing the malodourous expulsions - check with your doctor as there may be something they can do to stop it.

I just got the silliest thing in my head, the Monty Python sit on my face song but with teh lyrics:
Fart on my chair and tell me that you love me.
I’ll shit on your chair and tell you that I doo doo.

Sorry. My mind wanders to the dirty sometimes

OK-I gotta ask.Does your chair actually **exude ** that odor so a stranger to the room could smell it-or do you put your nose to the seat to smell it?

We’ve all let 'em rip in our chairs or cars,but I’ve never actually noticed that fabric smelling of ** fart **.No I never stuck my nose into the cushion on purpose,but I’ve fallen asleep on sofas with my nose pressed into the fabric and never smelled anything.